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  1. miss_bunbury

    Terrible excuses - The Guardian blog

    How could a blog about musicians making bad excuses pass without a mention of our man? I've not heard the snow one before and most would agree it sounds a bit off the wall, even for Moz!
  2. miss_bunbury

    Looking for 1 Swindon ticket

    Looking for just the one ticket for my Mum, if anyone hears of one PM me, thanks.
  3. miss_bunbury

    Morrissey on BBC2 Culture Show

    Just got the TV guide it says Morrissey will be on the Culture Show on BBC 2 on Saturday the 9th at 6:55pm. The Description says "Tim Samuels interviews his childhood hero, Singer Morrissey". Should be good, thanks go to my mum for pointing it out :D
  4. miss_bunbury

    Paris tickets wanted

    Anyone have a couple of spare tickets for L'Olympia?? Or anyone give me any advice on getting my hands on any, having not been to a concert out of the UK before I'd appreciate any information, will there likely be returns? Do you think the touts will be after a lot of money for them? Ta, Emma
  5. miss_bunbury


    Does Morrissey-solo look very much like audio madness software reaktor??? Strange but true... I have been trying to make the frink thread into a delay unit for the past 10 minutes, it's very confusing. Is DavidT a secret digital synth fan? Come to think of it, I've never seen him...
  6. miss_bunbury

    Request for short avi footage

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping somebody can help me here. I have to do an assignment which involves creating an interactive news service as part of my degree. I have to include a video and wanted to make my main story about the current tour and to go with it put a bit of footage of Morrissey...
  7. miss_bunbury

    Morrissey listening habits.

    I've been a Morrissey fan for a few years now and I wouldn't say I'm obsessed but I'm a huge fan and I listen to him every day. It struck me today that there is a pattern in my Morrissey listening habits. When I'm in a good mood and everything seems to be floating along nicely I'm more of...
  8. miss_bunbury

    Save Afflecks Palace

    Manchesters Afflecks Palace is under threat due to the residential value of the building pushing up the rent for stall owners, it's possible it will soon be turned into flats, I'm shocked and I think it's awful...... I'm guessing quite a few people here have visited afflecks if only for...
  9. miss_bunbury

    Frank "Morrissey" Sidebottom

    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet elsewhere but.... Fantastic papier mache headed comedian Frank Sidebottom is having a "frank sidebottom salutes the magic of stephen patrick morrissey and the smiths week" apparently "it all starts tonight for irish blood fans on rte 2 telly in...
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