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    one front row seat available for winnipeg tonight

    i think the subject says it all. i got these the old fashioned way, am selling because i hesitated to book my flight for fear that i would be stood up and then the flights suddenly became way too expensive . i mean honestly, i'm not the most reliable person in the world and i can fully...
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    Denver front row ticket available thought i could swing a trip from boston but it just wasn’t meant to be . i overpaid a bit but not as much as i could’ve . hoping to recoup as much as i can but mostly hoping the ticket will go to good use :)
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    Worcester/hanover i want to give you my tickets but i am in boston and my tickets are, too

    well, i have three tickets. two are hard ; one is will call . aggh got a bit excited. anyway! I DON'T THINK I'll be able to make it . i want anyone to go instead of me. i am willing to call the box office, pretend i'm your mother, whatever it takes to get someone in there . matter of fact...
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    york and bradford... anybody want to go in with me?

    so it's down to the last two, and ticket prices couldn't be more outrageous. have a feeling i'm going to end up giving in and buying them on ebay, but all i'm seeing are pairs .... anybody interested in going in on a set with me? not exactly sure how we'd work it out, but i figured it would be...
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    extra standing inverness ticket... willing to sell or trade for york or bradford!

    please reply or PM me if interested. bought the ticket for 56 GBP, happy to sell it for same. :)
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    still looking for: inverness, hawick, york, and bradford :)

    hi guys. still looking for one ticket to each of these shows: inverness hawick york bradford willing to pay slightly over face value if necessary, but as my travel costs from the US are already overwhelming, i am hoping to try and save as much money as possible on ticket prices. please, please...
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    a bit late to the game.. i need one ticket for every show! :D

    i was going to wait until funding for my project came through, but i need to start making travel plans now if i'm going to fly from boston for the june UK dates. so, here begins my quest for one ticket to each show. please reply here or PM me if you can help. i'll update this post by crossing...
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    please, please please... be a part of my new book!

    so, i am working on putting together a book, tentatively entitled "these charming fans [i know, i know]: a love letter to morrissey" ... as you may have surmised from the title, it is primarily going to focus on photos and contributions from fans. to wit, i would like to begin by asking any and...
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    anybody have any tips or advice on how to get a photo pass for the 2011 uk dates?

    hi all. "long time listener, first time caller" ... i will be posting more details about this project in the very near future, but for the time being, i'll keep it short. i am planning on traveling to the uk from boston to follow morrissey on tour this june, and i am putting together a book...
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    Presale Tix... Heeeeeeeeeeelp

    ticketbastard keeps telling me 'there's no tickets available that match your request ' ..... i've been at it since 10 on the dot, surely they're not all gone .. help!!?! is the password wrong??! is anyone having luck?!! heeelp!
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    pasadena (friday 2 feb): thank you (and eff you) [better late than never]

    i know it's been awhile, but on the off chance that any of the about-to-be-mentioned people read this, i wanted to express my shock and gratitude .. i am sorry that i can't remember names, but you all know who you are. anyway, here goes: i had the great fortune of being in the pit at this show...
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    cameras in pasedena.. ? please share yr thursday night experiences

    hey all .. so, i'm flying out to LA in the morning for the friday and saturday shows ... i know that technically, cameras are prohibited, but i also know that in the past, some venues have been more lax than others when it comes to enforcing this policy ... just wondering if any of you who are...
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    anybody want to go in on tix for saturday? [pit]

    hey all... i finally decided to make the trip out to pasadena from boston for friday and saturday's shows, and i've been looking for tickets (preferably GA) .. i just found a listing on ebay for 2, the starting price is $200, and there are no bids as of yet .. problem is, i only need one .. if...
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    another extra ticket for chicago listed as a 1-day auction, but i'm not too optimistic on my chances of actually selling it; seemed like there were quite a few tickets available, and not so many buyers ... anyway, if i don't sell it on...
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