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  1. bona2vada

    FOR SALE: 2 Brixton Academy Fri. 29 May

    Hi, I have 2 spare Brixton Academy tickets (Stall,standing) at face value: 35GBP plus service charge. PM me if you're interested.
  2. bona2vada

    What's the difference between Not Available and Sold Out?

    At seetickets, tickets for Monday 21 appear "unavailable" since yesterday, while Friday and Saturday appear "sold out". I wonder what the difference is. Is it possible Monday show is not confirmed or possibly not happening? I don't want to start rumours, but I'm worried.
  3. bona2vada

    Bravadoline Europe

    Hi there. Has someone had problems shopping Moz merchandise from Bravadoline Europe? I have :(. I ordered two "Pizza t-shirts" TEN weeks ago, and haven't received them yet! I called their Europe office in Germany and talked to an incredibly rude man who offered no answers, no delivery date...
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