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  1. igotpictures

    Request: Klaus Nomi

    I would really like some of his work, and its very hard to find to buy (believe me, here in denmark it really is) so if any so kind person would upload one of his records (simple man? thanks) that would be so fantastisc :)
  2. igotpictures

    Our Frank

    Is "Frank" a real person? if so, who? :confused:
  3. igotpictures

    Morrissey in the Drawings

    if you have a Morrissey Drawing/ it :)
  4. igotpictures

    request: TIGER ARMY

    Could any kind person please upload Tiger Armys III: Ghost Tiger Rises. the other albums of you have them too, that would be heaven :)
  5. igotpictures

    Request: The South Bank Show

    I havent seen this footage yet, if any cind person on this site would uploade it, i would own you everything. :)
  6. igotpictures

    Favorite thing said live

    Whats the greatest thing, Morrissey have said live? i love the "We might thinking about realising this as a single, would you think it would be a hit? (about NFD) the crowd goes (nooooo) and Moz go back "Erh what?"
  7. igotpictures

    Violent Femmes

    Anybody here on the forum, that listens to this amasing band? Gordon Gano is a god!
  8. igotpictures


    Morrisseys Familiy? How many are left? and who is dead? it striked me that i dont know so much about it...maybe i shouldnt know, but i would like to if someone knew a little about the subject..
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