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  1. sarahT

    Who's Off to Leeds, Then?

    I will be there! Got the tickets this morning there's an O2 presale on now x
  2. sarahT

    More UK dates; band line up from TTY

    Hurrah! Thank you Morrissey!! X
  3. sarahT

    Your comments please

    Morrissey has got some really disappointing admirers
  4. sarahT

    Aguilera's butchery of the National Anthem is what you'd expect in Obama's America

    Re: Aguilera's butchery of the National Anthem is what you'd expect in Obama's Americ I don't know why people are making a fuss over her singing the wrong words when she was warbling and over-doing it so much she didn't even sing the right tune.
  5. sarahT

    Love Music Hate Racism on Morrissey

    "I don't believe it's a mistake. I think it's conscious, and I think he's gone too far. In our organization, some of the bands have already met and talked about it, and we don't want to be associated with him. We feel it's not helpful to anybody." What a load of old bollocks, they sound like a...
  6. sarahT

    People who shout for obscure songs @ gigs

    I once had a bloke stood right behind me who shouted ''Bengali in Platforms!!!!'' really loudly in between every single song. Even though it was quite obvious he couldn't be heard and even if he had have been Morrissey was hardly likely to say ''Oh that's a good idea! ... take it away Boz''
  7. sarahT

    Thank you I will!!

    Thank you I will!!
  8. sarahT

    Hot Press magazine

    Half nekkid Mozzer issue for sale. Hate to get rid of it but needs must x
  9. sarahT

    Post your Morrissey artwork here

    Tbevie you are stunningly talented, your drawings are truly and absolutely beautiful xxxx
  10. sarahT

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    I recently had to fill in a form with my son's medical history before he went on a school trip and give permission for him to receive medical intervention incase of an emergency, including permission for a blood tranfusion if neccessary. He was going bowling.
  11. sarahT

    Roy's Keen Symbolism Thread

    In the same vein, if you omit the word 'satellite' from 'I am a satellite' you are left with 'I am a' which is almost the same as 'I am a cider drinker' which means Morrissey really meant the song to be about the Roy Keen collaborating with The Wurzels.
  12. sarahT

    Morrissey - The Pageant Of His Bleeding Heart

    It's practically unreadable, a pretentious load of old bollocks, reading it is like a mixture of being in historys dullest ever school lesson, having a root canal treatment and watching the good old days and going 'oooh' when Leonard whatisname says loads of big words and bangs his hammer down...
  13. sarahT

    Morrissey Christmas Bauble

    Does anyone know where I can get one of these? They used to sell them online in the Morrissey shop but I can't find them anywhere now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. sarahT

    Writing Morrissey

    Believe me, it is insane and you do need professional help.
  15. sarahT

    Fab Spacca

    I will never understand why it's ok to makes jokes about some-ones disability the thread title alone is so offensive it makes me want to puke.
  16. sarahT

    Leeds pre gig meet up

    I should be going tonight but have a family/work do that I simply can't get out of so hope you all have a great night. I am going to get plastered and try and pretend Morrissey is playing 100 miles away rather than 10 minutes down the road. The O2 is a great venue but be warned it has the...
  17. sarahT

    morrissey frink thread!

    Oh thank you yes that's what I meant xx
  18. sarahT

    morrissey frink thread!
  19. sarahT

    morrissey frink thread! I've never seen the one at 0.19 and it's a feast for the eyes. As of course are all the others
  20. sarahT

    Morrissey once sued, now being used...another taxi thread

    I think the reason no-one has asked why you think you're the other key is that they don't understand a single word you're saying and completely missed the fact that some of it was apparently about keys.
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