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    named one of the 33 disgusting people of 2017

    Morrissey named by Facebook's Topix as one of one of the 33 disgusting people of 2017. He claimed to defend harvey Weinstein.
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    When to catch morrissey in concert

    My opinion is he tends to run out of steam as the tour goes on. So best bet is catch him at the beginning of the tour
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    Boston Orpheum Theatre (Dec. 7) cancelled "due to illness in the touring party" according to FB page

    wow! am I glad my sf show went on. it seems to be good to see him at the beginning of the tour. have a better chance it will happen
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    Bad news - Philadelphia postponed "due to illness in the touring party"

    Morrissey can't seem to get through a tour without at least one cancellation
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    Seattle, WA - Paramount Theatre (Nov. 2, 2017) post-show

    As long as Morrissey is a vegetarian he will never stop doing the meat is murder routine. which means forever
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    Morrissey cancellations by the numbers

    Lucky when Morrissey shows up In spite of his cancellations when he does show his shows are special
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    Washington DC concert rescheduled to June 25; Baltimore to June 24

    Trick is if you can afford it, see him on the first show of his tour. It is most likely he will do that one.
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    Atlanta Show - 6/4 - CANCELED

    promoters must have a hard time insuring him
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    Atlanta Show - 6/4 - CANCELED

    i am so glad I saw the first show of the tour(san jose). I wagered he would make it through that one. I am sorry about the cancellation but he does do that and it should be epected at least once
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    US Tour Presale

    Well I got a ticket for San Jose That is the first hurdle. Now the next is will he show up!
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    Saw Johnny marr @the Fillmore! Nov 1

    Very good to see the smiths songs with the original guitar sound. I know it will never be the same without both Marr and morrissey but after seeing them both I feel like I've got somewhat of a sense of what it is like. Good show overall. Liked the version of Please please he did.
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    No more US shows?

    Is he slowly retiring and cutting out the US?
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    Only 9 swords U.S. gigs

    I feel lucky I got to go to one!
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    Wow am I glad I went to coachella!

    Considering all these cancelled dates, even though the show at coachella was not his best, I still got to see him. I feel bad for the rest of you. Hopefully he will make them up.
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    All these shows smell of retirement to me!
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    Fillmore presale

    I am really surprised and delighted they had a fillmore presale. Ticketmaster usually does not do presales for the fillmore.
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