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  1. J

    I'm playing easy to get

    Could a kind soul re-post this? I love Noise Is The Best Revenge, and hence would love to have this song too! Thanks!! - J
  2. J

    '97-'04: The Lost Years ?

    Hello, I was wondering if any of you with extensive Morrissey knowledge may know what he was up to between Maladjusted & Quarry. Why did he drop out of sight for so long, or at all? Did he record release any music/side projects during this time? And another question, with the many many...
  3. J

    B-Sides request

    Hi, There are 4 B-sides I haven't been able to buy here in the USA, and they are from the Quarry/ROTT period. If any kind soul could help by sending me the MP3's, please PM. I'd be very VERY grateful. Thanks, J
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