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  1. Kanoshiro

    Roll Call: Carnegie Hall (NY)

    Pictures from my camera- enjoy to all the morrissey fans!!!!
  2. Kanoshiro

    Roll Call: Webster Hall (NY)

    Moz people, Moz fans, Mozzers everywhere!! I took several pics. ENJOY and feel free to comment on it! See some of you tonite as well!
  3. Kanoshiro

    Roll Call: Carnegie Hall (NY)

    I will be there! ANyone on the 5th ROW? if so Say whats up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyone down for post- morrissey drinks? IM DOWN
  4. Kanoshiro

    Roll Call: Webster Hall (NY)

    Ill be there as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Kanoshiro

    The Official My Ticket Has Arrived Thread

    I got my webster hall tickets! Cant wait!!!!!!!
  6. Kanoshiro

    The Official My Ticket Has Arrived Thread

    Carnegie tickets came in less than 24 hours. They are amazing. Has anyone received their Webster Hall tickets yet?
  7. Kanoshiro

    NYC Pre-morrissey meetup

    Theres also a POUR HOUSE right near webster hall. There's bar 13 as well ANyways- we could do an AFTERPARTY as well? Cant wait to see you all! holler!
  8. Kanoshiro

    NYC Pre-morrissey meetup

    Anyone interested in a PRE-MORRISSEY GROUP meetup before WEBSTER HALL or CARNEGIE HALL? It'll be awesome to get a group together and have several drinks (i could find some happy hours) at a nice pub before heading to the concert and shelling out watered down $8 drinks at Webster!
  9. Kanoshiro

    Carnegie Hall

    I called at 10:50am and was transferred to the operater at 11:02AM. I got Prime Parquet Row E :) Pretty Stoked! Good Luck and does anyone want to go to a Pre-Morrissey Meetup party drinks?
  10. Kanoshiro

    so who are the slimy bastards that got presale tickets

    "Alma matters In mind, body and soul" So i said screw Bowery--- then it paid off! I got 2 to WEBSTER HALL and 2 on CARNEGIE HALL! Anyone mind sharing what seats they got for CARNEGIE HALL?
  11. Kanoshiro

    Hammerstein Ballroom Photos And Video Thread.

    pictures from 10/28 PLease feel free to post comments! Thanks! or
  12. Kanoshiro

    So which was the best night???

    I was at the Tuesday, Friday and Sunday show....and i thought Sunday was the best
  13. Kanoshiro

    Hammerstein Ballroom- Night 3 10/26/07

    Pictures are in my blog: please feel free to post a comment! Cheers!
  14. Kanoshiro

    Hammerstein Ballroom - Night two

    More pics from my blog- please feel free to post a comment Cheers!
  15. Kanoshiro

    MSG: 10/23 and 10/26

    wait you are right - concert starts at let's say we all meet after the concert is over at TIR NA NOG!??!?!? cya there on tuesday and friday!!!!!!!!!
  16. Kanoshiro

    MSG: 10/23 and 10/26

    We'll be pregaming for the Tuesday/Friday Shows.....most likely at TIR NA NOG @ 7pm Cya there!!!!!
  17. Kanoshiro

    w87th street-hammerstein ?

    upper west is a nice area. it is only a 7-8 min subway from the 1 train to 34th going downtown
  18. Kanoshiro

    New York bars

    hands down TIR NA NOG Scratch St Dymp...thats too far away
  19. Kanoshiro

    I'm proud of you Philadelphia
  20. Kanoshiro

    To the kind fans in the Pit at the Mann in Philly
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