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  1. Lonsdale71

    What will you be doing on Christmas Day?

    Do nothing. Sleep. Go for a walk. Listen to iPod - have just loaded it up with lots of Saint Etienne and Adam & Joe podcasts! I'll be in a country where all the "jollities" are done on Christmas Eve. The sooner it's all over the better. :p
  2. Lonsdale71

    This time last year

    I'm not [personally] that interested in un-released material, ie. left overs from studio sessions, etc. There must be Loads of unused Morrissey studio material out there somewhere but......Let it be there. I am sure it will surface one day. No offence.
  3. Lonsdale71

    what is listed immediately before and after morrissey on your ipod or mp3 player?

    Marc and the Mambas Mighty Boosh Morrissey My Bloody Valentine
  4. Lonsdale71

    X-Factor Simon Cowell on the cover of NME

    What the f***?? Not that I've had any faith in NME for years.....but this one takes the biscuit!
  5. Lonsdale71

    Guilty Pleasures (music-wise)?

    Butler & McAlmont are great - and very under-rated. Their album (the 1st?) "The Sound of McAlmont & Butler" (1995) is a forgotten gem. The first track "Yes" is amazing.
  6. Lonsdale71

    If you were Morrissey's Secret Santa...

    Flaxseed oil capsules & vitamin pills :lbf:
  7. Lonsdale71

    What did make you smile today?

    I downloaded The Pet Shop Boys "Christmas" EP on iTunes today. So camp, so PSB. Great! Made me smile.
  8. Lonsdale71

    Guilty Pleasures (music-wise)?

    I've always had a soft spot for Spandau Ballet. Since the 1st album and especially the 2nd "Diamond". Diamond is my favourite, Coffee Club, etc. And I also like "True" and "Gold" - perfect pop tunes! I normally hate soft radio friendly pop but Spandau are great. Opinions?
  9. Lonsdale71

    2010 - set to be the worst year to be a Moz fan since 2001?

    Blog? No way! Morrissey would never do a blog. I think things will go (very) quiet for now on. :(
  10. Lonsdale71

    Ultimate List of Celebrity Moz Fans

    That meat-eating beef cake. Let's not talk about him!!! Rollins must be made of meat he eats.
  11. Lonsdale71

    Ultimate List of Celebrity Moz Fans

    Hats off to you Sheila! You do read your magazines! :thumb: [and I am not being sarcastic]
  12. Lonsdale71

    Morrissey withdrawals

    Another hobby? Knitting classes? A book group?
  13. Lonsdale71

    Morrissey intoxicated?

    Maybe he was. Maybe he wasn't. We all like a drink or 2.....or 3... BIG DEAL. slurrrrrr
  14. Lonsdale71

    Morrissey Show Injuries

    I've got bite marks on my arm. God knows what this woman (sorry, Lady) was doing. A friend of mine had broken ribs and was pulled out by the security - but this was another gig (not biting). Who can I sue? :lbf:
  15. Lonsdale71

    The Primitives back on tour

    So this means their album "Lovely" will get the remastered Deluxe treatment next? Well, about time as it has been out of print for years. I still got the original CD (smug).
  16. Lonsdale71


    You got to KEEP THE FAITH Sharron! :p
  17. Lonsdale71


    Well, it's easy to say anything with your keyboard as an anonymous person. So many people have the attitude "I know best" and are very quick to air their opinions. It's quite selfish but suppose it's "human nature". I personally dislike people who always have their gobs open, giving you the...
  18. Lonsdale71


    Let's face it: Touring must be hard. Waiting at airports, flying, more waiting, body clock all over the place. And the more you travel, the easier it is to get ill. OK, travelling artists do get a better treatment (VIP lounges, cars waiting to take you to the hotel) but it's still mind numbing -...
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