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  1. Janice

    Morrissey A-Z: "To Give (The Reason I Live)" (live cover)

    Even better than the real thing
  2. Janice

    Off-topic discussion thread / moved as clogging other threads

    Its not even the trolling of this Cro creature. The low IQ is widely visible. The constant comments about unemployment when In actual fact, Cro is almost unemployable and only thanks to the care in the community scheme in the US, he’s graduated from Berry picking to other unskilled work in...
  3. Janice

    Chicago, IL - Riot Fest - Thursday Preview Party (Sep. 16, 2021) post-show

    What T-shirt are you wearing ? That nice green floral one would be nice
  4. Janice

    Morrissey A-Z: "This Is Not Your Country"

    I’ll be honest. The only thing M related that was a disappointment in 97 was the length of the setlist This song has held its own for me over the last 1/4 of century.
  5. Janice

    Morrissey A-Z: "There's a Place in Hell for Me and My Friends"

    Not by me Wonderful Long Player 🥰
  6. Janice

    Morrissey A-Z: "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get"

    You’re right. It wasn’t: it was better 🥰🥰🥰
  7. Janice

    Morrissey A-Z: "There Speaks a True Friend"

    Very sensitive Moz Masterpiece, surrrrrley? On a serious note, a catchy little ditty as someone else alluded to. I can’t think what other song this can be likened to from the M catalogue, which offers this some uniqueness, if nothing else.
  8. Janice

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    And then there’s Vegan Mongrel.
  9. Janice

    Morrissey A-Z: "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get"

    Except of course Hold On To Your Friends 😶‍🌫️ Back to this. A great song. Single or album track, it’s a gem.
  10. Janice

    Morrissey A-Z: "That's How People Grow Up"

    Can we therefore have a revised list please 🤝
  11. Janice

    Morrissey A-Z: "That's How People Grow Up"

    I’m going to play both 45’s of this later; and flip the b-sides also. It’s generally ‘ok’.
  12. Janice

    World Peace Is None of Your Business 10" Ltd

    🤣🤣🤣 Midlife crisis
  13. Janice

    Morrissey A-Z: "That's Entertainment"

    Satisfying cover of a great original. The original wins in this case. I guess that’s entertainment🤓
  14. Janice

    Morrissey Central "Stephen Hendry" (September 5, 2021)

    Hendry is not a Tory.
  15. Janice

    Morrissey A-Z: "Teenage Dad on His Estate"

    I’ve always liked this. As with a few songs, largely ignored live - the Swords gigs aside, which is a shame. There’s an argument the Quarry b-sides are better than a number of the a-sides. **an argument. Hashtag Bring back Teenage Dad
  16. Janice

    Morrissey A-Z: "Sunny"

    I’m glad you said this !
  17. Janice

    Morrissey Central "TWITTERATI" (September 5, 2021)

    KS is a very good person I think.
  18. Janice

    Morrissey A-Z: "(The) Teachers Are Afraid of the Pupils"

    1995, again 🥰 Though this would be better had it not come in at 11mins Different, but still a nice working.
  19. Janice

    eBay callouts thread

    I get what you’re saying but I understand the posters’ anger. There’s a couple of people who often put signed things on eBay, items which never sell due to the scandalous price. Two items in particular from the same seller, YA Battersea LP and the signed High School TP Puts them up for £1k every...
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