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  1. skull

    Question What is the film?

    What is the title of the film at the beginning of the concerts? The one with the amusing lady on a stage that says "and I love it, I love it" and then screams...
  2. skull

    Morrissey, the lyricist

    Am I wrong or too often throughout his career the lyrics are the weaker side of his songs? Don't get me wrong, I love Morrissey, but I think his lyrics are a bit overrated. Often he's great but too often he's lazy, his words are not enough, repetitive or plain silly, and that ruins many songs...
  3. skull

    Rank Morrissey's 21st century LPs

    Maybe too much nostalgia doesn't allow to be objective about Morrissey's last albums, which, I think, are very good and deserve a better recognition. What do you think? How would you rank them? You are the quarry Ringleader of the tormentors Years of refusal World peace is none of your business...
  4. skull

    What's the meaning of

    the song "Southpaw"? I mean the real meaning beyond the words...for example: who's the girl of your dreams? Is HERE all alone? Who is he talking to? Is he referring to himself as a girl? Who ran back to Ma?
  5. skull

    Children in Pieces

    Can you please help me understand what the line "Kid, you must be bad luck..." means? Thank you!
  6. skull

    I don't know if I'm allowed here

    ...but, if anyone of you can be interested, I would be glad to have your opinions about a song of mine, played live...You can find it on you tube searching for "mocking the journey". Please don't insult me...Thank you!
  7. skull

    Years Of Refusal is a classic

    After many listens, I feel I personally can judge Years Of Refusal a classic Morrissey album. Songs like Skull, Mama, maybe Paris, All you need is me, Birthday and Farewell are really THAT good! For what concerns the other songs, well same good level as many other good songs on other albums...
  8. skull

    Kill uncle (hypothetical) reissue discussion

    Would you be interested in a special reissue of KILL UNCLE? A selection of the best live performances? Or...a re-recording of the songs with a new production? Or...just a reissue with b sides or rarities of the time or never published material?
  9. skull

    The Last Three Albums

    Many Morrissey fans think his latest works are not at the same level as in the old days. I think his last three albums and many of the b sides are just great works. Among some of his best ever. What do you think?
  10. skull

    Don't you think Johnny Marr...

    ...has always shown a certain lack of respect for Morrissey solo work? I remember I have read somewhere that he isn't even curious to listen to an album of his because he exactly knows what to expect. I think this attitude is rather unrespectful of the man who once shared an important part of...
  11. skull

    Southpaw Grammar

    I have fallen in love with Southpaw Grammar. In the glorious occasion of this splendid reissue, I have just discovered...this album is far better than it's usually considered, and, yes, it makes me...trip... Southpaw supporters! Let's change the course of history and scream loud how good this...
  12. skull


    Please Morrissey...Sweetie Pie the alternative is simply wonderful, I'm in love with that version that's so, so, so much better than the official one. Please...give us all a present...give us Sweetie Pie alternative version on Swords. Let's make a sort of...petition... I'm sure we...
  13. skull

    The "new" Maladjusted

    I had never loved Maladjusted...before the re-styling. When I listen to the reissue, the way it's been done, well I could even consider Maladjusted one of his best works now, from the beginning to the end. I think you must be in the right mood to appreciate it. What do you think?
  14. skull

    How do you rate Years Of Refusal, now?

    Well, we've all been listening to the new album for quite a while, maybe it's the right time to discuss...reconsider, rank it again among the others...write your opinions, or new opinions...I personally like it a lot, more the music than the lyrics, but I really enjoy it.
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