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  1. Currer Bell

    Any synesthete fans?

    Does anybody taste words or see the alphabet in different colors? :blushing: About Synesthesia.
  2. Currer Bell

    CNN Iconic Portraits of Our Time - Morrissey photo by Dan Winters included

    CNN has posted pictures from photographer Dan Winters--one of which includes Morrissey: Iconic portraits of our time - CNN
  3. Currer Bell

    On Valentine's Day

    A song I had written to commemorate the day.
  4. Currer Bell

    What's up with the Journal system?

    For me, it's basically stopped functioning! It tells me that I have no entries.
  5. Currer Bell

    What does it mean when a guy says...

    "you can date whoever you want"? Seriously. Two different guys made the comment, "you know, you can date whoever you want..." but when asked to name names of people who may be interested, they can't actually think of anybody! I was dating one of these guys at the time, so he obviously...
  6. Currer Bell

    If moz sells his tunes on the internet....

    He should probably charge something if he wants to see any money from it: People didn't want to pay a dime for Radiohead...but who can blame them?
  7. Currer Bell

    letting our imaginations run wild with the ouster of Kristeen

    I'm personally not satisfied with the reason for her firing. I'd like to think of it as the straw that broke the camel's back rather than thinking that Morrissey has a drinking problem and doesn't remember firing her. To have fun, let's come up with our favorite ideas for the REAL reason she...
  8. Currer Bell

    You'll never guess who i saw on Extra!

    I'll give you some hints: he is solo and gave an interview to the media this past monday to promote his tour. I'll post the answer later on.
  9. Currer Bell

    Poison v. NY Dolls

    so, i was riding home in the car last night listening to JACK-FM (it may be known in your market by other names such as BOB-FM and they play Fleetwood Mac followed by "Big black horse and a cherry tree"). They began to play a song and the chords sounded more than a bit like "Personality...
  10. Currer Bell

    Have you ever wanted to sing with Rufus?

    I thought this was pretty damn cool, so i'm passing this along from Rufus Wainwright's myspace: Going to a Town to see Rufus? Want to perform with him LIVE ONSTAGE? Rufus will select a special guest each night on his World Tour 2007 to perform the spoken word part from 'Between My Legs.' Join...
  11. Currer Bell

    Morrissey can't be happy about this!

    Who wants to bet that he'll make a phone call and tell whoever it is to stop advertising tickets to MSG on this website?
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