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  1. vaca peluda


    Ey, I'll tell you summat for the good of tomorrow's chip wrappers; Rod Stewart has the talent of a castrated cockle.
  2. vaca peluda

    Sky Arts 1 for This Charming Man

    Tune into Sky Arts 1 RIGHT NOW and there will be a performance of This Charming Man as recorded on The Tube.
  3. vaca peluda


    Have you ever been cottaging or dogging, or do you know somebody who has and still does? There's a good reason for this question as it's part of my research project. :thumb:
  4. vaca peluda

    Help Please: Searching for a Song in the Film, 'Nil by Mouth'

    Hello there. I was wondering if you could help me try and hunt down a song off a film which was back in the 90's called, 'Nil by Mouth' If you're unaware of it, it starred Kathy Burke and Ray Winstone, and the screenplay was by Gary Oldman. I have no idea what the song is called so...
  5. vaca peluda

    And Phil Mitchell's Like...

    And so Phil Mitchell's like, 'OI! Yooooou slaaaaaaaaag! Gimmie my craaaaaaaaack!'.
  6. vaca peluda

    Morrissey Reveals 13 Favourite LP's

    From first. Morrissey reveals his 13 favourite LP's to mark Friday the 13th. Featured on the website, The Quietus. Link is below: UPDATE: The link's...
  7. vaca peluda

    Last Morrissey Artwork Analysis at SDW: You are the Quarry.

    Hello, bonjour, hola & alright, love? etc... Y'know I'm not entirely sure where to put this thread/link as a certain removal person came and told the other one to, 'F*** off'. Anyway, it's the final analysis of Morrissey's albums from the last decade. This time it's You are the Quarry. Link...
  8. vaca peluda

    A Stab at Years of Refusal: Is Morrissey God?

    Aye, aye Captains and Captainesses. There have been a few stabs at Morrissey's cover for Years of Refusal, but none quite as off the scale of semiotics/semantics as this one. Here is the link...
  9. vaca peluda

    Do you treat your animals...

    Hello there. I'm interested to find out a question which has been fizzling and spewing and frothing in my mind for quite some time, and it's this:- Do you see your animals as your children? Now, I know the whole Morrissey vision is, 'Animals are like children, rah rah rah...', but they...
  10. vaca peluda

    Morrissey tries to buy lampshade in Ikea

    'Allo Senoritas y Senors, I have done a parody of Morrissey trying to buy a lampshade in Ikea for This is NOT real, at all, it's just something childish whilst I was trying to escape from a mountain of ironing. The parody is made of video screencaps from, 'The More You...
  11. vaca peluda

    Top Three Bedtime Albums rules out the Top Three bedtime albums. Including: Zero 7 - Simple Things Royskopp - Melody A.M St Germain - Tourist Guaranteed Razorlight free! Link here:
  12. vaca peluda

    Blackberry Curve 2580 not functioning - can anybody resolve?

    Hello Morrissey-solo. Yesterday I bought a BlackBerry Curve 2580 but so far I'm not massively impressed by it for these reasons: 1) I downloaded MSN Messenger but it won't let me sign on as it keeps saying, ''Service not enabled for this handheld.' 2) I downloaded Twitter but that's not...
  13. vaca peluda

    The Daily Mail's 'Nick Clegg' o'matic

    The Daily Mail's 'Nick Clegg' o'matic and Michael Howard Sings The Smiths Nick Clegg is a bloody good politician and the fact Daily Fail do not like him just highlights that they would much rather invest in researching where the body of Hitler is. How can they piss on Nick Clegg's political...
  14. vaca peluda

    The Hacienda 1989

    Hello. I have uploaded the Graeme Parke and Mike Pickering live at the Hacienda (1989) If anybody is interested then please feel free to pounce on the link. :thumb:
  15. vaca peluda

    Searching for Shelagh in Salford

    I don't really know if I'm going to be beaten with cyber batons for posting this but here goes... I'm looking for somebody who has or knows where I can get Shelagh Delaney's 'Salford' interview. I've searched high and low for it and BFI won't let me sign up. I'm really quite desperate for...
  16. vaca peluda

    Maconie bows to Morrissey yet again

    I don't know if anybody has already posted this but I can't see it so I'm going to do it. In the (dreaded) NME, Stuart Maconie named Morrissey as The Greatest Ever Living English Man. The post can be seen on the ever brilliant Link...
  17. vaca peluda

    Morrissey's brooding on a beach

    Who's seen this before? It's Morrissey brooding on a beach as posted on the very wonderful
  18. vaca peluda

    2004 NME Yearbook Morrissey Scans on

    Some rare Morrissey scans from the NME's 2004 Yearbook have been posted on: Well actually I'm not sure whether they are rare...
  19. vaca peluda

    Have a look at both

    I don't think too many people are aware of the new Morrissey site '', which can be found here: Anyway, what I really wanted to post was this: Buen provecho
  20. vaca peluda

    Morrissey collecting money for Joy Division

    I was at the Airborne Toxic Event concert last night and I was talking to this guy and he said that somebody had shown him a photograph, a polaroid to be precise, of Morrissey taking money for entry to see Joy Division. It was taken in Manchester in the late 1970's and it was pre-quiff...
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