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    The Smiths - Complete Super Deluxe Box Set (vinyl and cd) - never played - for sale

    Bought this a couple of years ago, opened the box to look at the contents, never played any of the records, and has just sat on a shelf, so everything is in perfect condition. Due to the weight I will only send to the UK. No idea how much to ask, open to offers. The Smiths - Complete...
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    2 tickets for sale - Nottingham: Black 5 Row F - Friday 13th March

    I can't make it now, going to see him in leeds instead. Face value of course. Due to it being a short hall means block 5 is nearest the stage so great seats. thanks.
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    Artwork request

    Has anyone got any of the following they could upload for me. Kilburn dsat (Rank with the missing tracks) Irvine 22/9/1985 Amsterdam 'faster' remaster Thanks!!
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    Best Bootleg From each tour (Quality Wise)

    Hi, Sorry for this newbie question. I would like to add the best quality live bootlegs to my collection. What is considered the best qualkity bootlegs from each tour. Thanks very much for your help.
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    Morrissey Diaries

    I have just watched The queen is dead under review dvd and Johnny rogan mentions the song 'had no-one ever' and he wondered if it was a literal tale of his...well you know. Anyway he said he worked out the exact date (I think jan 18th 1980) and then mentioned something about a diary and stated...
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    The best sounding smiths bootlegs?

    Hi, As somewhat of a newbie could someone point out what are the best sounding boots from each year? Many thanks!
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    Dec 22 1988 - Wolverhampton

    Been away for ages just looked on passions just like mine and it lists this gig as an official release?????????????
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    Request: Could anyone upload any of these? :O)

    Many thanks! June 3, 1983, Fighting Cocks, Birmingham, England July 7, 1983, Rock Garden, London, England May 4, 1984, Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany June 2, 1984, Provinssi Rock Festival, Seinajoki, Finland September 30, 1985, Capital Theatre, Aberdeen, Scotland May 18, 1985, Paseo De...
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    The Best Quality Smiths Boots?

    Hi everyone, I'm new but have been a fan since I was 12. I have quite a big smiths and morrissey bootleg collection but recently I have slimed it down to the best quality ones as I rarely listened to the poorer ones. I was wondering if someone or a few people could help me out. With so...
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