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  1. Jo Jo70

    Chris Packham

    I've had a look on Youtube- nothing up there yet! Although I have to say that the swallow nestlings on the Springwatch webcams currently rival Chris Packham for cuteness: Awwww..... :)
  2. Jo Jo70

    Chris Packham

    Hope you saw him in his wetsuit last night? :D
  3. Jo Jo70

    Chris Packham

    And a wildlife geek. Wildlife geeks unite and take over! :thumb:
  4. Jo Jo70


    Precisely! How long have foxes been living in our cities? There have been ongoing scientific studies of urban foxes in Bristol for example for more than 20 years. This is the first reported case of a fox 'attack' in how long and people are demanding a cull? There is definitely something wrong...
  5. Jo Jo70

    The Official General Election Thread

    This certainly is brilliant news. At last a Green MP! I might have to move to Brighton :) I managed to last until 1.00 am then dragged myself out of bed at 7.00 this morning dreading hearing the words ‘Conservative victory’. The next few weeks are going to be very interesting….... But a...
  6. Jo Jo70

    Suede to reform for one night only

    Agreed! I found this little gem of a performance of The Asphalt World from 1995. Bloomin marvellous!
  7. Jo Jo70

    British Lyricists

    I’ve sort of fallen in love with this band. I know they're very new, but their lyrics are incredible: Mumford and Sons- After the Storm And after the storm, I run and run as the rains come And I look up, I look up, on my knees and out of luck, I look up. Night has always pushed...
  8. Jo Jo70

    British Lyricists

    Nick Drake, most definitely! ‘Time has told me you’re a rarer find. A troubled cure for a troubled mind. And time has told me not to ask for more. For someday our ocean will find its shore. So I’ll leave the ways that are making me be what I really don’t want to be. And I’ll leave the...
  9. Jo Jo70

    Suede to reform for one night only

    Thank you DianaDors, I’ve watched this three times already! I know we seem to be labouring the point here (it’s a quiet day at work), but how can you honestly find fault with this?
  10. Jo Jo70

    The Smiths Belgian TV footage on youtube

    Awww... I felt all of that watching this, but could never have expressed it so beautifully. '.. that clever lad who embodied a dangerous notion of aggressive feyness, unapologetic and timeless.'- perfect! :)
  11. Jo Jo70

    Facebook US & Facebook UK

    forget • verb (forgetting; past forgot; past part. forgotten or chiefly US forgot And I never knew there was such a word as ‘forgetter'. Alas I am a ‘rememberer'. :straightface:
  12. Jo Jo70

    Suede to reform for one night only

    I can't be the only one who gets waves of nostalgia listening to Suede now? EUUi7w3uSsk&feature I doubt this will find it's way onto any set lists as neither of them like it and it ironically coincided with a parting of the ways. But I've always loved it!
  13. Jo Jo70

    Suede to reform for one night only

    How wonderful is this? I did enjoy, thanks!
  14. Jo Jo70

    Suede to reform for one night only

    Oh Blimey! I can't believe I missed this! Thank you for the set list- sounds perfect to me. I'll just have to hope the full tour rumours are true. :)
  15. Jo Jo70

    Suede to reform for one night only

    Did they play The Asphalt World? :( Because if they did I feel even more sick that I couldn't get tickets!
  16. Jo Jo70

    Julian Cope

    Oh I love him! I even like the 'hippy stuff'- there used to be a great video of 'Beautiful Love' on youtube, complete with dolphins, but it must have been taken down. :D
  17. Jo Jo70

    Minister signals ban on circus wild animals

    Quite- I can't believe it has taken this long! Who the hell still pays to see some poor half-demented creature performing tricks anyway?
  18. Jo Jo70

    The Leisure Society - yes or no?

    Yes- really beautiful.
  19. Jo Jo70

    Alan Bennett in conversation NFT 26/04/2010

    Many thanks for this info- looks like I got the last tickets! Jo :)
  20. Jo Jo70

    Songs about scars

    'The first cut won't hurt at all the second only makes you wonder the third will have you on your knees you start bleeding I start screaming.' :eek:
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