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  1. boy

    I have started a brad called....

    I have started a brand called.... Lemon and Lillies, and has it's main stand on moz and smiths. Everythng is printed on eco friendly made tees and eco friendly printing. I know since I have seen it through everything, myself. Hope it has grown some curious. To be.... // Boy...
  2. boy

    Japanese artists that sounds like Moz/Smiths.

    Hi Does anyone know any japanese artists that sounds like the smiths or morrissey, or have them as inspiration in their music making?
  3. boy

    Looking for a moz fan that was on the Beckmans party in stockholm last Friday.

    Well, the title kind of says it all, and i think he was att the shows in karlstad aswell, and I think i stod next to him on the babyshambles gig at Hultsfred 2006.
  4. boy

    A big wonder about tomorrow.

    I just sneaked upon a diary on the internet which said that someone in sweden was about to see morrissey tomorrow. where is morrissey playing tomorrow if he is even playing that is. dearest regards// Boy
  5. boy

    Southpaw Grammar album cover

    Hi I just wondered if anybody knows where the picture for the album cover for the southpaw grammar album is taken from? //best regards.
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