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  1. MrRoboto

    The Smiths??? Greatest name for a band ever?

    Definitely "Butt Trumpet"
  2. MrRoboto

    Moz Concert Ad on Local Phoenix Radio

    I am a former Phoenixian and you are absolutely right - that station NEVER plays any Morrissey, and nor to most of the stations in the area other than 103.9 that takes "retro" requests during the lunch hour. I think in my 13 years in phx I heard "Every day is like Sunday" once - only as a...
  3. MrRoboto

    the kindness of other...

    I see you are from Tucson, AZ - I used to live in Phoenix and I LOVED the Bookmans! I too bought my copy of Kill Uncle Maladjusted and even Strangeways from there, and when purchasing those the girl who rang me up took one look at my selection and pointed to the Smiths buttons on her shirts and...
  4. MrRoboto

    bring me the head of mark ronson

    hehe - I'm with you there, vicar. I've heard some truly awful covers (I think I have a similar folder) and comparatively, I thought this one was pretty good.
  5. MrRoboto

    Conrad Oberg: 12-year-old musician

    I was searching that Vince Taylor video Moz has been playing before the shows and found this video in the process. The story of Conrad Oberg is amazing and as you can see from the video, he is incredibly talented: here's what it says about him on...
  6. MrRoboto

    Best Smiths cover

    whoa - great find!! I have the recorded version these guys (the Blue Frame Trio/Combo) did and its fantastic - probably the best cover of a Smiths song I've heard. Dude's got a nice voice too...
  7. MrRoboto


    Are there any bootlegs of the Thursday (FEb 1st) show?? That was my first Moz concert (yipeeeee!!) and I would love to have a memory of it. :D
  8. MrRoboto

    morrissey frink thread!

    That is one of my all time fav young Morrissey pictures - why aren't there real people wandering around that look like this!?!? Gorgeous :p
  9. MrRoboto

    Shatner 'sings' Pulp!

    hahaha - this is great, you really can't beat the Shatner. :D
  10. MrRoboto

    Names, Secret Names

    Is the upside-down helicopter "Nowhere Fast"? is the man with the tigger underpants "Miserable Lie"? (i'd like to see your underwear...)?
  11. MrRoboto

    Morrissey - ?questionable?

    Thank you for posting that! As the poster above said, I'm sure Moz would be honored to have made the list. Ravi Shankar is one i'm a bit confused on though...
  12. MrRoboto

    morrissey frink thread!

    Jeans please!!!
  13. MrRoboto

    Single 1 liner......

    I am now a central part of your mind's landscape whether you care or do not.
  14. MrRoboto

    The Knitted Smiths are Go!

    The Cat's Mother, I truly admire your work!! The KnittedSmiths have come out fantastic with a remarkable resemblance as well. As for the setlist, perhaps: Pretty Girls Make Scarves The Boy with the Yarn in his Side Purl Afraid What a sad list. wow, that was harder to come up with than I...
  15. MrRoboto

    Morrissey and Linder

    Ludus are a truly terrific band - probably the best one of i've gotten into through Morrissey. Its really tough to pick a favorite song, although obviously "Breaking the Rules" stands out as one of the catchier ones, since almost all the songs have this strange melodic and rhythmic structure...
  16. MrRoboto

    Glasses? Yes please!

    Duchess, your glasses are fantastic! choosing a good pair of frames is a tough choice since these days the frame seems to "say" some much about you as a person. As such, I chose those frameless kind --what does that say about me? Excellent, daring eyeglasses choice :-)
  17. MrRoboto

    Mozzer and his turkey friend

    ahhh...after another thread I read with this photo in it, I only see George Washington now when I see this particular photo. :D I hope that turkey ran for it, I wouldn't want Moz looking at me like that with his hand around MY neck.
  18. MrRoboto

    Death penalty for Saddam Hussein your views please!

    Bush may be a lot of things, but an idiot he is not. If anything, he is crook (IMHO) and has littered his administration with like-minded crooks. I don't have much of an opinion on whether or not Hussain should be given the death penalty, but I am amused at the timing of the announcement...
  19. MrRoboto

    A Smiths Classic for Upcoming Tour?

    Pretty Girls make graves :D Boy With a thorn in his side Stop me if you think...
  20. MrRoboto

    Morrissey in Linder's monograph

    I believe that is Linder!
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