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  1. j funk

    EastEnders played Smiths part 47689003

    Eastenders now. In the Vic. 1st!!!!1
  2. j funk

    @ Anti-Thatcherites

    Inequality at the highest for 30 years. Who did you vote for again?
  3. j funk

    7/7 conspiracies programme BBC2

    Interesting. They reckon 1/4 of Muslims think it was a set up lol
  4. j funk

    Sunday 19th Brixton ticket for sale

    Bought a few but a mate has moved back up north and cant make it. £35 General Admission ticket. I'll take face value. I can post it, meet in the City during the day, meet at the venue, or drop it off one evening if you're not too far.
  5. j funk

    Does being working-class make you a better Morrissey fan?

    Sometimes I get the impression people are almost trying to fit in to that bracket. Just grow a quiff.
  6. j funk

    Dirty crusties getting f***ed up Brap.
  7. j funk

    Hope Springs [BBC1]

    I love that blond bird, that one that was in Early Doors. She's a Manc. Everyone on here must feel the same.
  8. j funk


    It appears all the past threads on the subject have been archived. Not that they actually contained any talk of the programme itself, just the fact that Moz had a cameo in it. Although apparently it was actually 'Brookside South' a spinoff which mustve ceased before my time. I take it that was...
  9. j funk

    Black music

    Does anyone like any music that involves black people in away way shape or form? I have done a Dub Reggae mix. 1. Blackbeard - Electrocharge 2. Scientist - Invaders 3. Prince Jammy - Jammin For Survival 4. Jah Shaka & Twinkle Brothers - Jahovia In Dub Majesty 5. Blackbeard - 'Nough 6...
  10. j funk

    People with celebrities as usernames

    Seems more common here than elsewhere. I find it a bit odd. Especially when the celebrity is of the opposite gender.
  11. j funk

    Hearing people playing The Smiths

    On Thursday I heard This Charming Man coming from someone's flat, now I can hear the Sandie Shaw version of Jeane. I like this.
  12. j funk

    Tax / contracting / umbrella companies / numbers

    I'm currently contracting and a lot of people have told me I can get much more money under an umbrella scheme as opposed to PAYE. I've contacted one and they've sent me their figures. On £128 a day they say I'll net £465 p/w. They are calculating this on the correct tax rate and their fee is...
  13. j funk

    A great person from Facebook

    This is genuine by the way. Currently in open prison. I wish I really knew people this awful, it would be hilarious.
  14. j funk

    Ruby Murray

    This is Cockney Rhyming slang for a curry. I am employing this cryptolect to avoid having my thread merged with previous cooking ones. Anyway, I want one. Homemade ones often end up being just a collection of coursely chopped vegetables in a spicy tomato sauce. I don't really want that...
  15. j funk

    Do you have a carbine?

    This is tedious now, I'd like to blow my head off.
  16. j funk

    @ Blue Jag

  17. j funk

    How does one make money selling tickets?

    I have a spare ticket for the Thursday in Brixton, but on eBay they're going for less than what I paid, with the booking fee and P+P taken into consideration. I find it pretty annoying that initially touts were making a killing, but now I have a genuine spare I can't even make my money back...
  18. j funk

    Who changed user names?

    Have a few people had their names changed? I may be imagining it but I'm sure I've seen avatars I recognised with new names, and people with thousands of posts whose names are new to me. Or have some old people just come out of the woodwork?
  19. j funk

    Do you know anyone with AIDS?

    Another thread about something quite unpleasant. Why do people make them? I just think they're weirdos, as opposed to genuinely wanting to get something off their chest. Not quite the sort of weird where they'd make up something horrible, but lower down the same ladder. To answer question...
  20. j funk


    Asking pensioners for ID to by fags or booze and Tesco garages asking kids buying sweets if they also filled up with petrol. A bit like the moderation on this forum.
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