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  1. The Youngest

    The Sound of the Smiths Deluxe on eBay

    Just spotted this on eBay. Current bid is only 99p!!! The Sound Of The Smiths Deluxe
  2. The Youngest

    Years of Refusal Necklaces

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about the necklaces Moz wears on the YoR cover. The silver circular one looks like it could have Elizabeth II on but it'll probably be some Italian person knowing Moz. I think the others might just be prayer beads. Would appreciate some help...
  3. The Youngest

    Help on a pic

    I found this picture in a Morrissey book (can't remember which one, it was a while back) and I was wondering if anyone knew when it was from, who took it and if there was a better version anywhere. I think it's a lovely picture of him. :)
  4. The Youngest


    I was just wondering if anyone knew why Moz chose to record this song. Has he ever talked about it in interveiws or mentioned it live? I think his version is one of the nicest I have ever heard.
  5. The Youngest

    Req: Hull 19/05/09 Bootleg

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone recorded the full Hull show. I'm extremely grateful to Mozmal for his wonderful contributions but I would absolutely love a complete recording (no matter what sound quality). I would be eternally grateful to anyone who would share this with us. Thanks...
  6. The Youngest

    Hull Arena Pics and Vids

    I've zipped the pics and vids and uploaded to Megaupload. Megaupload Link I'm also in the middle of putting the videos up on YouTube. Here is 'How Soon Is Now?' How Soon Is Now? *These aren't complete songs only clips. They are fairly good quality. Enjoy! :D EDIT...
  7. The Youngest

    Ideal for a new compilation

    Hi I've been looking over the 'old' Morrissey compilation and I noticed that they mostly appear every 3-4 years (Bona Drag 1988-1990; World Of 1991-1995; My Early Burglary Years 1995-1998) and cover the 3-4 years previous.* I decided to create my own compilation covering the last 3 albums...
  8. The Youngest

    Help with some rare tracks

    Hi I've just been looking through my Morrissey collection and on passionsjustlikemine and i've found that i'm missing some rarer Morrissey tracks. I wonder if some kind person (I know there are lots on this site) could possibly upload some. Here's the list: I'd Love To (USA Version)...
  9. The Youngest

    Kate Bush - This Woman's Work

    I have found a torrent for this now. I don't need it uploading. Thanks ================================================================== Hi, I am a really big Kate Bush fan. I have all of her albums and now I would like to get all of her rare stuff. The thing is, I don't want to pay...
  10. The Youngest

    Kate Bush

    Hi Could somebody please upload two Kate Bush albums that I don't have. They are: Hounds Of Love (Full Album not just song) Aerial I would be very very greatful! :D :D :D Thank you
  11. The Youngest

    My Dearest Love :)

    Its not an excellent recording but it's listenable. Enjoy! :)
  12. The Youngest

    Playboys live question

    When Morrissey performs Playboys live, why does he not sing "international"? Either the boys sing it or the audience. It's always puzzled me why he never sings that word live cos he sings it in the studio version. Thanks!
  13. The Youngest

    Picture question

    Hi Does anyone have a bigger picture of the one attatched? I mean the original, i.e. not at an angle. Also when was this picture taken? Thanks! :D
  14. The Youngest

    Iggy Pop

    Why did Morrissey meet Iggy Pop? I don't think he's ever mentioned liking him or his music before. :confused:
  15. The Youngest

    That's How People Grow Up

    Anyone have the lyrics? Thanks PS-Great new song! :D
  16. The Youngest

    Street Life

    Hi Just wondering if someone could upload Street Life? I downloaded it before but can't seem to find it. :mad: Thanks! :D BTW - I mean Morrissey's! :)
  17. The Youngest

    The Last Of The Famous...

    Does anyone have TLOTFIP from yesterday? I'm sure everybody would love to hear it. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...:D Thanks
  18. The Youngest

    How are you going to celebrate Morrissey's B-Day?

    I am going to watch Who Put The 'M' In Manchester! :D Possible sing Unhappy Birthday. What is everyone else doin?
  19. The Youngest

    Any more American shows?

    Morrissey has performed 7 times and we have 1 show (thanks again to the uploader! :D) Don't you Americans record shows??? :confused: I really want to hear You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side and all the other new additions to the setlists. Please, someone upload something!!!! :D Thanks
  20. The Youngest

    Last night's concert

    Did anyone record it? It sounds like a REALLY good set. Thanks :)
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