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  1. Giant

    Smiths double CD There Is A Light & Jeane w Sandie Shaw limited pressing 19137

    Hello Smiths/Morrissey Folks Bought this back in the late 90’s. I’m almost certain off a collector here on Morrissey-solo when it was in it’s infancy stages. It’s over 20 years ago forgive me, can’t recall the guys name…Anyway, I just took it out of storage. I don’t know much about it...
  2. Giant

    Seniority rules

    Unless it says otherwise in your Avatar, (myself being user 440) I am the longest standing member of Morrissey-solo. I actually learned what "those Internets" were by exploring this site in its inception, the first 8 months or so. This, and something else leads me to point out, that what I am...
  3. Giant

    remastered Last Of The Famous Playboys

    any one have a link to buy mp3 or have it to Download? tnx!
  4. Giant

    You Should Have Been Nice To Me

    can someone please kindly send an Mp3 link to download it? had it lost it my email is [email protected] much obliged Giant
  5. Giant

    FRI Night, 26th, Hammerstein REQUEST

    does anyone have this show recorded I will pay$$$ Thanks email me [email protected]
  6. Giant

    Need a single ticket for Fri the 26th NYC

    Ready to buy! email me [email protected]
  7. Giant Moz Video

    I just want to see Giant Happy? seriously, any one have a link to the new vid?? thanks
  8. Giant

    FAO CODREANO (SP?)....Carissa's Weird, Lyrics?

    Hey, I downloaded that album you posted here awhile back and am begining to realloy enjoy it, many thanks for it... I tried looking up the Lyrics and cant seem to find them, would you be able to point me in the right direction? Any other pertinent info on the band would be happily consumed...
  9. Giant

    Anybody know what Ringleader has sold in the US?

    Has it outsold Maladjusted? That was a meek 65, 000 copies I believe, could be mistaken. Oh and before the rest of the world replies with "who the f*** cares what Moz sold in the US?" or "Morrissey doesnt care about US sales blah blah blah" RELAX. Just want to know what its...
  10. Giant

    wonder why moz cancelled his myspace?

    its not like he was even running it... he seemed into it as well having released one of his new singles on there... can anybody access it??
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