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  1. nobody's_nothing

    Sylvain Sylvain dies (January 13, 2021)

    Hopefully David doesn't follow close behind. And I am anticipating the film that Martin Scorcesse is making about David. Is David the last NY Doll standing?
  2. nobody's_nothing

    Mporium (UK): new additions (October 2, 2020)

    I will admit that I do like the windbreaker. Maybe I will wear it when I go on my morning jogs.
  3. nobody's_nothing

    Morrissey Central Young...once (Sep. 16, 2020)

    He looks so debonair in that outfit. Such a stark contrast to some of the outfits he wears onstage!
  4. nobody's_nothing

    Morrissey Central "SOON / 2020 new releases" (September 6, 2020)

    While the artwork is atrocious, I am really looking forward to a Quarry vinyl reissue! I arrived late to the Morrissey Listening Party, I started with World Peace, and just have Quarry as a Mp3 download.
  5. nobody's_nothing

    Morrissey Central "ALL THE BEST ONES ARE DEAD" (September 5, 2020)

    The music makes me wish there was a Smiths / Morrissey video game to play.
  6. nobody's_nothing

    What album are you listening to right now?

    Andy Black's 'Ribcage'. I have been on a Glam Rock kick lately.
  7. nobody's_nothing

    Mporium UK: new ranges inc 'Dude' & face masks (June 3, 2020)

    I hope this merch makes its way to the US store, I like the face masks and pillowcase. However, I still have all my shirts from when I saw Moz in concert last year, and my Swans face masks.
  8. nobody's_nothing

    Official YouTube "Introducing Morrissey" premiere - May 29, 2020

    I have this on DVD, and his hair was beautiful. My favorite Morrissey era.
  9. nobody's_nothing

    Morrissey Central !!!!!, Everything Dies (May 22/23, 2020)

    I doubt the children understand what they're singing.
  10. nobody's_nothing

    Rolling Stone Germany review by Arne Willander - IANADOC 4/5

    My clear vinyl arrived in the post today. I have only listened to it once, and my favorite track currently is The Truth About Ruth. I also think some of the lyrics are embarrassing... Enjoyed California Son much more.
  11. nobody's_nothing

    What album are you listening to right now?

    Ever since My Chemical Romance announced their reunion show, I have been listening to MCR mostly...But I have also been listening to AFI's DECEMBERUNDERGROUND lately. They also do a fine rendition of Jack the Ripper
  12. nobody's_nothing

    Morrissey letter to (presumably) Alan Bennett

    Fascinating piece! I haven't read or watched those Alan plays, but I will get on it! (I am always being introduced to interesting things from Morrissey)... BUT why did he write "Before I left" instead of "Before I leave."? That doesn't seem like proper grammar to me, (but who am I kidding? I...
  13. nobody's_nothing

    Salt Lake City, UT - The Great Saltair (Sep. 28, 2019) post-show

    Morrissey played More You Ignore Me in Denver...
  14. nobody's_nothing

    Morrissey Funko now available from Hot Topic

    I was going to wait 'till they arrived in August, but now seeing the California Son box, I might just stomp in and buy one! Oh, Morrissey...
  15. nobody's_nothing

    "Some Say I Got Devil" official video - Morrissey / YouTube

    I liked Wedding Bell Blues' video better. So, here's to hoping he makes similar videos like that in the future. However, Some Say I Got Devil is a good song.
  16. nobody's_nothing

    The 50 Gloomiest Songs Of All Time - RadioX

    I'm surprised Miserable Lie didn't make their list. To me, that song is rather gloomy.
  17. nobody's_nothing

    New York City, NY - Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (May 11, 2019) post-show

    I really hope there is a DVD of the residency coming out, too big an opportunity not to miss! I wish he played Seasick, Yet Still Docked when I saw him a couple years ago.
  18. nobody's_nothing

    "California Son" pre-orders and bundles at Mporium UK and US (May 24, 2019 release)

    Even though it's not being released in March, I hope it's worth the wait. And I'm just happy that it's not on clear vinyl. Now, let's hope Mporium doesn't lose my order like they did with Low In High School (Deluxe Edition)
  19. nobody's_nothing

    Toronto - April shows (vegan options)

    I live absolutely nowhere near Toronto, but this list is making me hungry! I would love a nice vegan burger, or a vegan pizza right about now! Have fun for anyone going to those concerts! I hope Morrissey drops a taster track off California Son soon! I anticipate the Morning Starship cover!
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