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  1. mywar

    Boz-mention in Guardian article on Darrell Banks single

    Figured this wasn't quite relevant enough for the Morrissey-section, but Boz' purchase of a £1000 John's Children gets a brief mention in this Guardian article about the recent unearthing of a London issue copy of Darrell Banks' "Our Love Is In the Pocket"/"Open the Door To Your Heart"...
  2. mywar

    Travis Shinn exhibition in Oslo (Mar. 16 - Apr. 6, 2011)

    There will be an exhibition of Travis Shinn's photos on the second floor of Internasjonalen (pub/venue by Youngstorget in downtown Oslo) from March 16th till April 6th. The photo from the 'Paris' single is on the flyer:
  3. mywar

    Travis Shinn exhibition in Oslo

    There will be an exhibition of Travis Shinn's photos on the second floor of Internasjonalen (pub/venue by Youngstorget in downtown Oslo) from March 16th till April 6th. The photo from the 'Paris' single is on the flyer:
  4. mywar

    Spike T. Smith drums for Crass

    Kind of old news, but maybe new news to some... Spike will apparently be playing drums on the upcoming Crass "Last Supper" tour in March.
  5. mywar

    Req: Last Night I Dreamt

    I know requesting official releases is sort of a no-no, but as this is out of print, it's not like Mozzer is losing any money here. It's the only Smiths maxi I don't have in digital format at this point, so if someone could upload it (preferrably 320kbps, V0 or FLAC, although I'll take what I...
  6. mywar

    Unbroken reference The Smiths

    In the light of recent re-issue "controversy", it seems fitting that Unbroken have titled their retrospective/discography release "Re-Issue, Re-Package, Re-Evaluate The Songs."
  7. mywar

    Piccadilly Reels & Tapes

    I did some searching to see if this had been discussed already, but couldn't find anything. Sorry if I missed something. But, well... I picked up the 'Revelation' bootleg LP while in the States recently (just posted a FLAC rip of it in the bootlegs-section, for those that might be interested)...
  8. mywar

    Revelation bootleg FLAC

    Finally got around to ripping this, and figured someone on here might be interested. Includes high-res front- and back-cover scans.
  9. mywar

    Smiths-event in Oslo, Norway

    For those who for some reason might find themselves in Oslo this sunday (Andy Rourke's birthday, no less), there's a new Smiths club concept at Revolver in Møllergata. Apparently it will also be a bi-weekly event after this. Starts at 9PM, no covercharge.
  10. mywar

    Bradford pt.II

    i posted a bradford-thread earlier this year, but it seems it's already in the 2009 archives, so there you go. anyway, some people asked for mp3s, and having ripped everything i have by them a while back, i figured i would share the wealth. it's obviously long out of print, to the best of my...
  11. mywar

    Bradford, North of Manchester

    i'm on a major bradford kick lately (if you couldn't guess from my avatar), and as every thread i found about them was in the archives, i figured i would start a new one in their honor. anyone see them live or have any anecdotes about them in general? i read something in another thread about...
  12. mywar

    Luxembourg June 5th 2009

    found this on DIME, and figured someone here might be interested as well, as i haven't seen it posted here yet at least. upped by user plasticsnake. thanks! This Charming Man / Irish Blood, English Heart / Black Cloud / How Soon Is Now? / All You Need Is Me / How Can Anybody Possibly...
  13. mywar

    je suis mort ici?

    the subject of the "je suis morrissey" shirts came up somehow in another (completely non moz-related) forum, and someone pointed out that the pronunciation sounds a lot like "je suis mort ici", which supposedly means "i am dead here" or "i died here" or something like that... now i don't know a...
  14. mywar

    what's next?

    so the u.s. tour is over...what do you think is next for moz? didn't the agency who did the u.s. tour say something about hoping to "add a u.s.-leg to the tour in the fall" or something to that effect, in response to the dates that were cancelled and not rescheduled? that would kind of hint at...
  15. mywar

    august 9th 2002 - celebrity theatre, phoenix, az

    not sure if this has been posted here already or not - i haven't seen it at least. just found it on soulseek, but it was in one mp3-file, so i split it up and figured i might as well post it up for others to enjoy. it's a special show for several reasons. it's the first date on the 2002 tour...
  16. mywar

    suedehead in 2006/7?

    are there recordings of any of the shows on the 06/07 tours where this was played? would be interesting to hear what it sounds like today...
  17. mywar

    moz ipod videos (+a request)

    so a while back i converted all moz musicvideos i have (basically all up until and including maladjusted, as far as i know anyway) to mp4-format, so i could slap them onto my 80gig. and i thought some of you might be interested. of course you can download even if you don't have an ipod, and...
  18. mywar

    req: "there's a place in l.a. for me and my friends" bootleg

    as described here: i did some searching on the forum and found the UCLA well as a megaupload-link for the june 1st show that unfortunately didn't work. but not the whole cd. anyone have it and willing to upload? it would be much...
  19. mywar

    £100 for a west ham boys club shirt??

    wow...and it's not even a legit one from the tour, but a remake. now i guess (or at least hope) whoever's selling it won't actually get that much...but are...
  20. mywar

    wanted: moz 91 tour shirt

    either the one with harvey keitel or the one with edith sitwell (or both, i suppose). maybe this is a long shot, i dont really know how easy they are to come across these days, but if anyone has one that fits somewhere around a modern day large, i would definitely be interested in buying it...
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