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  1. davidt

    "List of the Lost" review by Fabricio Muller at Mondo Bacana (Portuguese)

    Fabricio sends the link: "List of the Lost" review by Fabricio Muller - Mondo Bacana (Portuguese) Google Translate to English
  2. Q

    Your top ten songs: The 2010s

    Just one rule: Only one song per artist/band. Tim Hecker; Hatred of Music I First Aid Kit; I found a way Swans; Apostate Kate Bush; Snowflake Fleet Foxes; The shrine/An Argument M83; This Bright Flash Vampire Weekend; Obvious Bicycle Arcade Fire; We Exist Current 93/Antony Hegarty...
  3. Q

    Your top ten songs; The 2000s

    Ie; 2000-2009. Just one rule: Only one song per artist/band. Antony & the Johnsons; Epilepsy is Dancing Current 93; The seahorse rears to oblivion Bright Eyes; I must belong Somewhere Franz Ferdinand; Jacqueline Songs: Ohia; The body burned away Morrissey; The never-played symphonies Arcade...
  4. Q

    Your Top ten songs: The 90s

    Just one rule: Only one song per artist/band. Pixies; Alec Eiffel Depeche Mode; Enjoy the Silence Current 93; Horsey And also the trees; Dialogue Belle & Sebastian; If you're feeling sinister Morrissey; Maladjusted Suede; Moving Cardigans; Rise and Shine Blur; Sing Coil; Ostia (The death of...
  5. Q

    Your top ten songs: The 80s

    Just one rule: Only one song per artist/band. David Bowie; Ashes to Ashes New Order; Blue Monday Propaganda; Dr. Mabuse Magazine; Feed the Enemy The Smiths; This Charming Man The The; Heartland Depeche Mode; See You Simple Minds; Someone, Somewhere (in Summertime) David...
  6. Q

    Your top ten songs: The 70s

    Home alone and having put the kid to bed, I've been passing the time using my general favorites spotify list to create a top ten songs playlist by decade. Actually rather fun to see what you end up with when forced to pare it down to ten songs. I thought maybe that could be a point of departure...
  7. Q

    Moz reference in The Thick Of It

    I just got season 4 of brilliant bbc political satire The thick of it for christmas, and was delighted to find a Morrissey quip in there! Wimpy Political advisor olly Reeder is visited in hospital by hard-talking, steel jawed (not to say slightly deranged) Labour party enforcer Malcolm Tucker...
  8. Uncleskinny

    "The First Time I Heard The Smiths" ebook edited by Scott Heim released (Aug. 7, 2012)

    Saw this link posted by @MicrofilmMusic / Twitter, apologies if it's been posted before. Seems to be Kindle only at the moment. The First Time I Heard The Smiths - Just got it for the Kindle, and flicked through. Good stuff. People mostly involved in the music industry tell us about...
  9. Q

    Johnny Marr in support of Pussy Riot Really nice to see. The most relevant occasion for rock star engagement for as long as I can remember. Their own kind under threat - and in a case that very much involves the basics of rock music's potential to make...
  10. Q

    Anthony Reynolds

    Best known as former front man in the criminally underrated Jack, he's released some very good stuff solo ( as well as some humdrum, it must be admitted). I particularly like Kingdom of Me EP - such lovely ongs. Any fans?
  11. Q

    "politics are personal"....

    Towards the end of this old thread about David Cameron liking The Smiths (, we got into a debate about the adage "all politics are personal"...
  12. Q

    A vision of pure horror

    Headline today from Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet: Just picture it. Rows and rows of gala-clad fifty-somethings, wearing strained smiles, swaying along to the beat of Copacabana, politely clapping their hands while Barry, shining in the glow of righteousness, give it his all on stage. It...
  13. Q

    Reinterpreting Hand in Glove

    I'm not suggesting that this is the way to read Hand in Glove, but it struck me the other day while listening to it that it actually makes a lot of sense if you take it not just as a declaration of defiant love, but as a sort of manifesto of musical and artistic intent - a program declaration...
  14. Q

    Retromania - new book by Simon Reynolds

    This should be interesting: We live in a pop age gone loco for retro and crazy for commemoration. Band re-formations and reunion tours, expanded reissues of classic albums and outtake-crammed box sets, remakes and sequels, tribute albums and mash-ups . . . But what happens when we run out...
  15. Q

    The NME lawsuit - how did it end up?

    I was reading today on Luckylisp about the whole dreadful NME interview business in 2007, which led to Morrissey suing them after they had again printed an interview with editorial comments that implied he was a racist. Does anybody know how that whole business ended? Or is it still ongoing...
  16. Q

    The Sparks' "Lighten up Morrissey"

    Is it just me who missed (until now) that the Sparks actually released a song called "Lighten up, Morrissey"? I suppose this would be the only song in existence that actually names Morrissey in the title? A tribute of sorts. cheers
  17. Q


    A small riddle, partly for innocent fun and partly to test if it's just me the answer seems obvious to: What do you get if you combine What goes on by Velvet Undergorund with I am a Rock by Simon and Garfunkel? Answer: The better part of (insert correct band name here). cheers
  18. Q

    What the h... is wrong with music today?

    I just have to get this off my chest. Over the past few years I dropped out of the habit of following contemporary music thoroughly, partly due to being otherwise busy (kids etc) and partly due to being on a retro rampage in the late 70s and early 80s. Over the past few months however I've...
  19. Q

    The great David Bowie songs poll

    Poll for rating classic David Bowie songs up to and including Ziggy Stardust: 3 more parts to follow, going through to Baal. If there are songs you don't know, just leave that box open. Let's see how Bowie-as-seen-by-Moz-fans works out! cheers
  20. Q

    Neil Kulkarni slaughters the Stone Roses

    Well, more or less, although he allows himself to be moved to partial mollification. Review of the Stone Roses reissue at Quietus: Interesting approach - letting someone whose point of departure is...
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