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  1. Codreanu

    sub-forum The Pigsty survey

    It's called dynamic equivalence. A straightforward rendering of cadaveres animae [soul-corpses] would blunt the observation I mean to convey. :p You would do better pointing Pound's improper use of harum for haram [pigsty]; the mistake is in the source: Clark and Ernestus Latin version, 1st...
  2. Codreanu

    sub-forum The Pigsty survey

    ac ego in harum* so lay men in Circe's swine-sty; ivi in harum ego ac vidi cadaveres animae† Canto LXXIV, 403-405 *and I too in the pigsty †I went into the pigsty and saw the corpses of souls
  3. Codreanu

    The Official Goodnight Thread

    They'll never catch us alive! :eek: *goes off to hear the rapturous love/death finale of Tristan und Isolde, (ignores the fact that Isolde's jilted fiancé was King Mark :mad:)*
  4. Codreanu

    The Official Goodnight Thread

    The best part, she's taking me with her. The great unknown. Good night, solo. :sweet:
  5. Codreanu

    Bestest Album Covers Ever!

    Procer Veneficus Residual Tides (2005) Ghostvoices (2006) Astral Birth ep (2006) Duskworlds (2007) Lunar Transit (2007) The Cold Gloaming (2007) Deathwanderings (2008) Saltwater And Glassmoon (2008)
  6. Codreanu

    Bestest Album Covers Ever!

    Bump! (except for you, xLonelyPlanetBoyx your covers go here *pew!* :p)
  7. Codreanu

    VICTORY in PETA vs KFC / Less Cruel Conditions On The Way

    *lifts drumstick* a mixed blessing though, handing PETA a victory...
  8. Codreanu

    Is routine circumcision right or wrong?

    Pardon. Was my corrective speaking to the morality of either? Don't be confused by the eye-roll thing, I always do that when addressing chica.
  9. Codreanu

    Is routine circumcision right or wrong?

    chica, ear cropping & tail docking are both common veterinary procedures in the USA. :rolleyes:
  10. Codreanu

    ~ The 'All things CATS' thread ~

    He's still a little cross with me after the trip to the vet. :o
  11. Codreanu

    Little kids in band t-shirts: corny or cute?

    WTF? That's just obscene.
  12. Codreanu

    Little kids in band t-shirts: corny or cute?

    Does that include bootlegs? This might be cute on a lil mozzer or mozzerette (under two). :cool:
  13. Codreanu


    If I'm not mistaken, Amy created this thread for believers to discuss their faith, not atheist debate or boorish humanist sermonizing. Can't you do this on one of the 84,282 other threads given over to bashing religion? This is getting old.
  14. Codreanu

    pin ups

    Lucy Petway Holcombe Pickens Sweetheart of the Confederacy The women of the Antebellum South were truly God's handiwork; their present-day descendants, though mildly dysgenic (there was a war, you know), aren't half-bad either. Not that there are no beautiful Yankee...
  15. Codreanu

    What's Everyone Reading At The Moment?

    I'm still "tropped head" "slumbwhere" in the literature of Finnegans Wake. dimb! dumb! dud. :rolleyes: However, I snagged a copy of Eugene Onegin from the library today to read through before hearing the opera. Small respite. Also purchased these paperbacks for $1 each: Despair - Vladimir...
  16. Codreanu

    Show us your braces!

    I had braces from age thirteen-fifteen. Being the mid-eighties, mine were just conventional stainless steel, dull & apolitical. But they looked smart with my blackshirt. ;) :rolleyes:
  17. Codreanu

    He's a Stud, She's a Slut

    Does the notion of Autism have a figurative equivalence in Ethics? And could someone blow chica's nose before she starts an obtuse poll/thread on the matter? Thanks. :)
  18. Codreanu

    Men In Kilts

    ... :p
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