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  1. Codreanu

    Take your potshots at Dave here.

    Go on, why it's pert near* a venerable Solo tradition (1,2). Let's go easy on the mods, and my OCD, and limit this carnage to a single thread, okay? :gun: click Myself, I have nothing against Dave. In fact we have quite a special bond. *that was my battlin' okie coming out.
  2. Codreanu

    The Worst Band Names Of '07 (A.V. Club feature)

    The Worst Band Names Of '07 By Kyle Ryan December 14th, 2007 Each year, The A.V. Club receives hundreds of albums, thousands of press releases, and several thousand more show listings for hundreds of venues around the...
  3. Codreanu

    Happt Birthday Cornelius Blaze!

    Hope you're spending it in nice company. :D
  4. Codreanu


  5. Codreanu

    The World's Worst Records

    Go here to download The Rhino Brothers Present - The World's Worst Records Vol. 1 & 2 Part of WFMU's 365 Days Project Also recommended: Passages from Finnegans Wake, Esther Lee - Where Glory Began (although most here will be downloading this :p) There's even one for chica. :rolleyes:
  6. Codreanu

    The Official Get Well Busy Clippers Thread

    It seems our Clippers is down with pneumonia. This is the thread where you wish her back to health. Get well, love. ;)
  7. Codreanu

    The Net Authority: Morrissey-solo Forums

    Morrissey-solo Forums Added: 10/20/2007 - 05:45:36 This website has been investigated by Net Authority, and has been found to be in violation of the Internet Acceptable Use Policy by posting the following kinds of content: Pornographic material Hateful material Blasphemy Offensive...
  8. Codreanu

    When reality becomes strangely Off-Topic Hey DAnn, weren't you already given a reprimand for consorting with known trolls? :rolleyes: :p
  9. Codreanu

    Son of the Official Internet Quizzes Thread

    My old thread was archived. :mad: Which European nationality should you have Take quiz! You scored as a Italian Italian 75% French 63% Polish 50% Molvanian 38% German 25% Belgian 25% Spanish 25% Russian 25% Irish 25% Danish 25% British 13%...
  10. Codreanu

    Welcome Back, chica!

    chica needs her own homecoming thread, if only to keep her from stealing DeliciousDemon's thunder on the thread below. Our butt-rock queen of Off-Topic is back! Hip, Hip, Hooray! :D
  11. Codreanu

    Netlabels (free albums!)

    I'm starting this thread to encourage others who know of any good netlabels to provide links. Two of my personal favourites: (dark/isolationist ambient & experimental) (melancholic indie/laptop folk) ^'Dialogue of One' ep...
  12. Codreanu

    Is this Morrissey-Solo or VH1?!

    UPDATE: 08 Jul R.E.M. Request - "Romance" Stitchell David Bowie, Suede and James Spineless Swine Madonna on Liveearth snapyou R.E.M. in Dublin '07 Jealous Of Youth Iggy Pop Ben Chill ..... At least Robby is no longer here to post big-ass photos of Roxette... :rolleyes...
  13. Codreanu

    Bestest Album Covers Ever!

    We've seen some of the "worstest", so how about the best? I am aware that we once had a similar thread, however it has long since been archived. For my part, I intend to confine myself only to those of 2007 (perhaps one or two from late '06); a wise course given my addictive personality &...
  14. Codreanu

    The OFFICIAL Kewpie needs an avatar thread!

    Registered user since 06-15-2006. Almost 6000 posts. Moderator for a number of months now. STILL NO AVATAR. What's the matter, Kewpie? Some suggestions: kewpie chick jackboot flippant, and kinda gross (skip it) And with the emoticon I have now reached the 4 pic limit...
  15. Codreanu

    who banned Viva Hate? (pt. II) So, where were we? :D go on with your bad self, Codreanu!
  16. Codreanu

    Animal Defense Militia

    Here's one for JoRo, Duchess, and the rest of the PETA nihilists on solo. :rolleyes: ABOUT A.D.M. Founded in 1996 by former PETA Regional Poohba Reginald Dickwillow, the Animal Defense Militia is America's definitive non-pansy animal rights group. With over 65,000 active members, the...
  17. Codreanu

    The Conet Project

    The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations Irdial Released: 1997 Static. Faint voices. Seven slow, monotonous tones. A pause. Suddenly, you hear music--one of those wind-up songs played by a child's toy. The melody repeats three times. A pause. Suddenly, you hear a...
  18. Codreanu

    Where's Chica?

    So, where is she?
  19. Codreanu

    It Must Be Raining There Forever (a mix by Codreanu)

    While the whole notion for a mix was clearly inspired by BR's The Forgotten Mix Tapes, a thread to which this post properly belongs, I feel mine disparate and cool enough to merit a thread of its own. (everything I know of humility, I've learned from chica :rolleyes:) It Must Be Raining...
  20. Codreanu

    Morrissey - Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA 28/11/1992 (COMPLETISTS ONLY)

    There MAY be shows left in my collection, some of them actually listenable, that have yet to be uploaded to this forum. However, I have vowed, after tonight, to never again upload a single mp3 to the board until things around here begin to change. NO JUSTICE, NO BOOTS! /// Morrissey...
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