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  1. jebuschristsuperstar

    Mullingar comedy night

    The head liner is a massive fan of Morrissey and is going to try out a routine on the experience of moz gig going.and there will definatly be some smiths greatest hits on the CD player. Date: Friday, 05 March 2010 Time: 20:30 - 23:30 Location: the office bar, Patrick Street, Mullingar...
  2. jebuschristsuperstar

    Belfast - help!

    i just got money are there tickets hostels available?
  3. jebuschristsuperstar

    if you knew what hotel morrissey was staying in?

    would you go there?and what would you do?
  4. jebuschristsuperstar

    i think janice battersby

    is getting a new boyfriend, i hope she does as I think she deserves love.
  5. jebuschristsuperstar

    morrissey xmas covers

    Has morrissey ever released a christmas song? if not what christmas song would you like him to cover? i would love to hear him sing mary's boy child by boney M
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