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  1. baltimoz

    Bigmouth strikes again: Morrissey’s racist rhetoric inspires boycott - Baltimore Sun

    Baltimore Sun with a Tired Recycled Title - on a boycott of Moz’s Merriweather appearance tomorrow. Bigmouth strikes again: Morrissey’s racist rhetoric inspires boycott ahead of Merriweather Post Pavilion show - Baltimore Sun Excerpt: His return to Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia this...
  2. baltimoz

    Opportunity for 1 pit ticket tonight, BBB, Philly

    So, I've been offered (UPDATE: BOUGHT) 2 PIT BBB Center tix for tonight but I only need one. If interested in buying one, contact me immediately for details. UPDATE: $150 but hurry.
  3. baltimoz

    Need 1 for Bethesda, Maryland 12/7. Possible trade for Asheville, NC 12/5

    Ironic that I got tickets in NJ and NC but not to my home state visit by Moz. I'm willing to pay any reasonable offer. I loathe StubHub and I won't do it. If you're interested in going to see him at the smallest venue on the tour, I might have an extra pair for the Orange Peel. PM me. Thanks!
  4. baltimoz

    Moz Bday Bash in Baltimore Sat 5/19 with Spineless Swine and Speedway Operators

  5. baltimoz

    2 Tickets for Sale Chicago--$30 each

    Two tix still left on ebay. I can't go beacuse my wife started a new job. If you mention moz solo, they are yours for $30 on make an offer. Tix emailed quickly.
  6. baltimoz

    Chicago General Admission 1-4 tickets 11/10/11 below face value $39

    It is becoming more and more apparent that I am not going to be able to slip off to Chicago for this show. They're e-tickets, so shipping won't be an issue. I'd love face value for them, and I'll take paypal, and...
  7. baltimoz

    Seattle Tix still for sale

    Two decent Seattle tickets still on sale. Discount for Solo-ers. PM if interested.
  8. baltimoz

    Seattle and Portland tickets for sale

    I've got tix on ebay because I don't think we're going to make it to the NW. If you're a Solo-er, I'll give 'em to you what I paid for them, and any incidental charges (ebay, paypal). I will not make a cent off of them if you're a Solo-er...
  9. baltimoz

    the official foxwoods play by play

    This is the official foxwoods play by play. I will post if anyone responds with an interest. This is my first moz balcony show in a long time and I'm not sure what else there is to do up there. Let me know. Listening to the Courteeners in the car now to rev up.
  10. baltimoz

    Philly play-by-play thread

    This is the official thread for the Academy of Music play-by-play. I am a few blocks away from the Academy at the best Belgian Beer Bar anywhere. Monks. 264 16th St. I will post as often as I can and I hope others will too. Will someone please post about the camera police when they enter...
  11. baltimoz

    Row H Parquet--$50.00 to Solo'ers

    I got an upgrade, an upgrade! Face is $75.00 + 8.75 shipping. Seat 14. Right side. PM me ASAP! Paypal or cash at the Academy. 50 bucks.
  12. baltimoz

    Asheville Cancellation Consolation Prizes--last place!

    I have a small consolation prize for two solo-ers who want it and send me an email wanting it! It's a classic "Dewey Defeats Truman"-style 3/6/09 hard copy of Take5 magazine (, Asheville's weekly alt-art-paper, and it has HUGE (13"x"16") YOR cover art on its cover. The title...
  13. baltimoz

    Any interest in a Philly play-by-play?

    I will be there in crummy seats, so I could post. Would twitter be better? It's easier on the Blackberry.
  14. baltimoz

    Morrissey DVD being filmed at Foxwoods--Did I miss this?

    According to this guy, The Foxoods "show is being recorded for a live dvd for a Chrismas release according to"...
  15. baltimoz

    Anyone with extra pit for tonight-Durham?

    The show is a definite go--I'm in Orch D and want an upgrade! Just got in from Asheville:crazy: PM me if you got the goods!
  16. baltimoz

    Does anyone have pit tickets for Durham?

    I have looked on ebay, stubhub, craigslist and other sites for a Durham pit ticket. According to the DPAC seating chart, it's a tiny pit with two small rows. I have not seen one for sale at any price. I'm not asking to buy, not in this forum anyway. Just curious to see if any have been released...
  17. baltimoz

    What are rules of Moz tour travel?

    #1-- Do not book a pre-paid room from or others, UNLESS you would absolutely LOVE to go to that particular city at that time of year without the Mozzer. #2--Do not book a non-refundable flight to a Morrissey show. In fact, plan to drive (or take the subway) to any Morrissey...
  18. baltimoz

    One Lift (Pit) Ticket--El Paso 4/14/09

    $100 takes it. Row CC, dead center.
  19. baltimoz

    Jacksonville 3/3/09 Orch 200 Row V

    I cannot get to JAX after all as I will be at 3 other Southern shows and I have 2 tickets on ebay for $65.99, but if you mention the 'password' "MozSolo" on the Make-An-Offer, it will be accepted promptly for $50.00 total (That is $50 total for the pair and $36 less than TicketBastard). Thanks !
  20. baltimoz

    Need 1 Durham Pit, please!

    Please! Paypal you instantly, or I will buy and trade you Asheville, Richmond. Whatever you like. Thanks!
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