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    "Studio In Session" featuring Morrissey on Sundance in Canada

    My soul is fine but I do appreciate the concern. I love Morrissey and have seen him many times live and love his work. I just feel too much of his new stuff is way too hard rock for his voice/style and is too simple musically. I don't think that requires such an emotional reaction sir. Go...
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    How many gigs do you think morrissey will cancel on this US tour?

    Unfortunately for me I think Whichita Falls, so everyone buy tickets LOL. I think a lot of the cancellations have to do with ticket sales. I remember when he canceled MSG a few years back. I had tickets and remember when it was canceled the day before good tickets were still for sale.
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    "Studio In Session" featuring Morrissey on Sundance in Canada

    His new songs all just seem to be a lot of noise and a lot of lalalas and badabdabdas and pretty sophomoric lyrics about a hookup and a song about how he is different than the herd, no kidding he is Morrissey. Like a lot of songs on YOR too they sound just like modern rock filler, nothing like...
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    Whichita Falls

    I live in Dallas and have three second row tickets to MOZ show. I called box office out of curiosity and it is pretty much unsold they still have tickets in the first few rows. Worries me that it is a good chance of cancellation. Don't really get why he booked a show a 7k arena in the middle...
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