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    Johnny Marr interview: "Isaac Brock is the greatest lyricist I’ve ever worked with" (October 13, 2021)
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    Ed O'Brien [Radiohead] in conversation with Johnny Marr

    Related item: Ed O'Brien (Radiohead) - His favorite Smiths album - June 3, 2021
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    Ed O'Brien (Radiohead) - His favorite Smiths album Related item: Ed O'Brien [Radiohead] in conversation with Johnny Marr - June 4, 2021
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    1985-06-27 Los Angeles: First gen audience JEMS transfer on Dime. Is this new? The Smiths The Palladium Los Angeles, CA June 27, 1985 RG First Generation Cassette via JEMS New Wave LA Series Vol. 43 Recording equipment: unknown stereo microphone and unknown cassette deck JEMS 2021 Transfer: RG First Generation...
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    Check out this person's collection of The Smiths 7" vinyl - apparently he's still missing 70+ From reddit: "Posted my Morrissey and The Smiths 7"s a while back, but theres been a lot of new additions, so this time I'll show only my Smiths 7"s. These are all unique pressings, so no record here is identical...
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    Probably my favorite Moz concert moment - Forest Hills 2019

    After Moz finishes the vocals, the crowd erupts. Watch Moz at 3:22 look around and behind, wondering what's all this commotion about? He says "what?" a few times, possibly in jest, but seemingly confused. It's a really special moment.
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    Random YouTuber's comment on Morrissey - Backhanded compliment?
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    TIL Johnny Marr played guitar on (Nothing But) Flowers - only 30+ years late

    One of my favorite Talking Heads songs. Makes sense now:
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    Forest Hills, NY show 2019-09-07 selling 4 tickets for $99 (no fees) this weekend Offer ends Sunday July 7 at 10:00 PM. Lots of seats available, all in the second tier.
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    The subreddit "indieheads" [731,000 members] has banned all Morrissey content We are a community that celebrates new music, but we also love and respect the bands of the past that made the indie genre what it is today. The Smiths are a part of that legacy, and because of...
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    Don't Interrupt the Sorrow - Laurel Canyon vibes!

    Well done Moz. Love the arrangement! Don't interrupt the sorrow Darn right In flames our prophet witches Be polite A room full of glasses He says "Your notches, liberation doll" And he chains me with that serpent To that Ethiopian wall Anima rising Queen of Queens Wash my guilt of Eden Wash...
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    Where’s the official Broadway missive from Moz?

    I’m waiting for his summary of the week on Broadway. Should be quite positive.
  13. docinwestchester

    Morrissey 2019-05-14 NON-COMM HD webcast

    Seeding on DIME:
  14. docinwestchester

    Morrissey on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - May 13, 2019

    Seeding on DIME:
  15. docinwestchester

    Morrissey 2019-05-07 New York

    Another excellent recording, now seeding on DIME:
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