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    What next, Morrissey?

    So the BMG era has now officially ended and it was his most productive 30 months since mid-nineties. I guess the original plan was to tour the album for the next year or so, but of course all concerts have now been put on hold indefinitely. So I wonder what Morrissey, now in his sixties, will do...
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    The best selling UK vinyl singles in 2019: Morrissey at #11 and #30

    Since the UK vinyl singles chart seems to be so important to Morrissey, here's a list of the best-selling singles (and albums) released last year. Wedding Bell Blues is at #11 and Lover-To-Be at #30. Plus there are even some other songs first released in 2019 here! Curiously though California...
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    Pet Shop Boys: Hotspot

    Their 14th studio album Hotspot is out January 24th. Here's a lovely new single Burning the Heather, with Bernard Butler on guitar.
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    Morrissey sells signed other peoples albums - NME, Louder Than War, Consequence of Sound

    So he's now signing albums by other artists and sells them at 300 dollars apiece at his concerts. I can't decide who we should be more worried about: Morrissey or the people who actually buy these. Also...
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    Pet Shop Boys: Agenda

    There will be a new album later this year, but before that there will be an EP called agenda, which consists of "three political songs and one sad song", according to Neil. Here's the first track from it: Give Stupidity A Chance:
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    When we'll hear the first taster from California Son?

    Here's a thread to speculate when and how we'll hear the first song off California Son. And which song it will be. Less than seven weeks to go, so it must be soon, since Spent The Day In Bed was premiered about two months before LIHS.
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