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  1. zepfan2

    Morrissey Central 2020: AS TEARS GO BY (December 22, 2020) DEATH STANDS ABOVE ME, WHISPERING LOW I KNOW NOT WHAT INTO MY EAR: OF HIS STRANGE LANGUAGE ALL I KNOW IS, THERE IS NOT A WORD OF FEAR. Elizabeth rhonda fleming diana rigg kirk douglas olivia de havilland...
  2. zepfan2

    Morrissey Central "Mamma Lay Softly" (August 15, 2020)

    "The flowers of solace, comfort and consolation that have arrived at Beechmount - my mother's home for over 30 years, and now, her premature place of rest, are all so Hindu sundar; so beautiful; so expensive; so lavish; so glamorous; so much more than I ever expected that anyone anywhere would...
  3. zepfan2

    Well, hello again

    I am zepfan1 - I am now zepfan2 its been awhile. Good to be back. Do either Crystal Geezer or Reality Bites still post here?
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