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    The Drums debut album is now streaming on Myspace

    The Drums debut is streaming now on myspace...:) What do you all think? It gets the thumbs-up from me! :thumb:
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    Moz fans on Twitter?

    Are there any Moz/Smiths fans on Twitter? Be good to follow people with some decent taste for once ;)
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    Raygun - drummer wearing moz t-shirt?

    Who are Raygun? A band that are kinda like the indie The Darkness. They have become an mini-internet craze because of an embarrassing interview on Channel 4. However, the...
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    Lady GaGa and Morrissey?

    LADY GAGA has said she would love to team up with Glasvegas. The Paparazzi singer said that she really likes the Scottish indie group and would love to collaborate with them. Speaking to the Daily Record, she said: "I love to support other acts and they are one of the best bands on the...
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    Michael jackson's ghost

    Now, I'm a sceptic, but the clip actually freaked me out a bit! Click on the link above to see the story and clip! What do you all reckon? Probably nothing, but it did cause a few shivers down my girly spine i can tell thee!
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    electric banana - a new music news website

    Hi everyone, We have just launched a new music, news, and gig guide website called Electric Banana! It was designed by 2 MASSIVE Smiths fans :) Let me know what you think of it - suggest improvements etc. Thanks! Andy
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