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    The Drums debut album is now streaming on Myspace

    The Drums debut is streaming now on myspace...:) What do you all think? It gets the thumbs-up from me! :thumb:
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    Flight of the Conchords (tv show)

    I've actually got the original radio show! ;) It has Rob Brydon as the narrator and is definitely worth checking out. You'll probably be able to..err...[coughs] download it for free [coughs] from somewhere :blushing:
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    Moz fans on Twitter?

    Well, if you like Morrissey then I'll forgive you for any other things that are "aquired tastes" :thumb:
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    Moz fans on Twitter?

    Are there any Moz/Smiths fans on Twitter? Be good to follow people with some decent taste for once ;)
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    Raygun - drummer wearing moz t-shirt?

    Who are Raygun? A band that are kinda like the indie The Darkness. They have become an mini-internet craze because of an embarrassing interview on Channel 4. However, the...
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    Amusing tracks I'd love to hear Moz cover Moz will never be the "King Of The Cover Version" - that title was taken by err....Bernard Manning :eek:
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    Lady GaGa and Morrissey?

    LADY GAGA has said she would love to team up with Glasvegas. The Paparazzi singer said that she really likes the Scottish indie group and would love to collaborate with them. Speaking to the Daily Record, she said: "I love to support other acts and they are one of the best bands on the...
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    Who is Morrissey's manager?

    I'd like to offer my services as a future manager! I am loud, egocentric, obsessed with money, and mentally challenged - skills that are embraced within the band management profession. lol P.S. I've seen Spinal Tap.
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    Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    Great band! The latest album may be my fave album of 2009 - along with The Horrors 'Primary Colours'. The best Yeah Yeah Yeahs song is 'Maps' from their debut though. P.S. Fast forward to 2 mins 52 secs - I challenge any hetrosexual male to...
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    Michael jackson's ghost

    haha none of you could resist could you! err...perhaps it was a man in a mirror? god, that was awful - i am DEEPLY ashamed! :blushing:
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    Michael jackson's ghost

    Now, I'm a sceptic, but the clip actually freaked me out a bit! Click on the link above to see the story and clip! What do you all reckon? Probably nothing, but it did cause a few shivers down my girly spine i can tell thee!
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    I'm against The Smiths reunion because...

    thank you! :blushing: i find ALL your posts 100% accurate. lol
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    I'm against The Smiths reunion because...

    Re: Lmao I find all men unsexy and horrible! [whispers] I hear rumours that other men have hairy bottoms - is this true? lol I think he would love to take the ring off - but his "better half" would beat him black and blue if she found out :squiffy: Are wimps sexy? lol
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    I'm against The Smiths reunion because...

    Re: Lmao I can tell if a drummer or bassist is good etc, but it seems to me that you could get any drummer/bassist doing the gig without too much of a difference. I like Gary Day - he is like a statue - base player movement confuses me :blushing: I don't think its really the musicanship...
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    I'm against The Smiths reunion because...

    Re: Lmao But Reni would bring added visual excitement with a lovely beanie hat! lol Does anyone actually bother looking at base players or drummers? They are normally hideous eye-sores with mental difficulties. Morrissey's charisma usually makes me unable to take my eyes off him anyway :p
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    I'm against The Smiths reunion because...

    The Stone Roses have also had a few rumours of about a Moz, Marr, Mani, and Reni manchester-indie-supergroup? :thumb: Yes. Thank you. I know I am a genius. lol
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    Libertines Fans

    I loved the Libertines, but the best thing Peter has ever done was 'For Lovers' with Wolfman! Its sodding beautiful I tell thee. My fave song by The Libs is 'Up The Bracket'
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    Wide To Receive

    Surely not 'Oscillate Wildly'? Thats a bloody instrumental!!!! P.S. This is a humourous comment....shut up....don't groan! I thought it was witty.
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    Films you just don't get.

    I've never worn a vest and swung from a terrorist-filled skyscraper, but I enjoyed Die Hard!!! lol :)
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    Moz lookalikes

    it was! did you ever have the pleasure of pressing the red button for the digital extras? Stewart Lee talks to Armando Iannucci! I don't use the term "genius" often (apart from when talking about my cheese on toast)....but this is! FACT. p.s. he...
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