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  1. Girlmostlikely

    Morrissey Central "THE BOYS IN THE BAND" (July 19, 2021)

    Welcome back, Alain!! I can’t wait to see the new* lineup live!! Good news for a change 😉
  2. Girlmostlikely

    Morrissey Central “the first, full, firm spectrum of time now my hurling days are done and there’s no one to tell and there’s nowhere to run.” (August 16, 2020)

    Morrissey, I am so sorry to hear of the passing of you beloved mother! The flowers are beautiful as are your words. My prayers are with you in this sad time.
  3. Girlmostlikely

    Morrissey Central site currently down - domain registry expired

    A little unprofessional. They probably didn't realize until the post on this site!! Lol
  4. Girlmostlikely

    Morrissey Central "THINGS" (March 23, 2020)

    Although obviously Morrissey had no idea that this would be going on March 20th, this is truly the perfect time for Morrissey album!
  5. Girlmostlikely

    Morrissey Central "AMAZON TODAY, Number 1" (March 21, 2020)

    IANADOAC IS FANTASTIC!! THANK YOU, MORRISSEY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I just listened yesterday. I waited until I had a quite moment (mentally) to sit with it. I caught myself smiling so many times. This record really flows brilliantly as an album and I love many of the songs already. I'm really so...
  6. Girlmostlikely

    Louder Than War: IANADOAC review - 9 out of 10

    Great review!! Super positive. I really, really cannot wait to hear for myself!!! I'm enjoying all the Morrissey related good news (for a change), I hope he is too.;)
  7. Girlmostlikely

    "Viva Moz Vegas" - Caesars Palace residency confirmed (June 26, 27, July 1, 3, 4, on sale Feb. 28)

    Great news! I think it will be fab. I'm looking forward to hearing the new songs live. Cool stuff. I wish I could go!! Viva Moz Vegas!!:guitar:
  8. Girlmostlikely

    Morrissey Central "You Must Please Remember" (February 8, 2020)

    Great post. I was thinking the same thing. Thank you for posting these old letters, I was half recalling them but couldn't quite place it, as usual :rolleyes: I think it's cool that Morrissey shared this. Does anyone remember what Kirk Douglas movies has mentioned as favorites in the past...
  9. Girlmostlikely

    Morrissey’s Latest Is His Most - The Federalist

    This was a well written and very positive review. He actually spent some time with the song! Imagine! Both of the singles are certainly growing on me. I'm very excited for the new album!!
  10. Girlmostlikely

    Morrissey Central "THANK YOU, DAILY MIRROR !" (January 31, 2020)

    He is thanking them because it is very rare for the British press to write anything about M without mentioning his "radical political views".
  11. Girlmostlikely

    Official YouTube "Love Is On Its Way Out" & instant grat MP3 released (January 31, 2020)

    My first impression is that I like the song but I'm not jumping out of my chair about the lyrics. I think the music is interesting, it doesn't remind me of any old Morrissey songs( which I do feel at times about his later songs). The music does grow in dramatic way in the middle of which could...
  12. Girlmostlikely

    What do you think of Morrissey's new "Dude" t-shirt?

    And this was my second thought. Weird, doesn't say "Morrissey" Maybe on the back?
  13. Girlmostlikely

    What do you think of Morrissey's new "Dude" t-shirt?

    So it is real?!:lbf: Wasn't this shirt "predicted" on this site?
  14. Girlmostlikely

    Morrissey Central "TATTOO, TODAY, L.A" (January 26, 2020)

    I am surprised and disappointed in Morrissey Central's choice to post this.
  15. Girlmostlikely

    Morrissey Central "Bobby Progress" - top 20 downloads (January 24, 2020)

    Like most, I don't recognize this chart and cannot really gauge it's significance...but what I do know is that "Bobby" is a surprisingly fantastic lead single that I cannot get out of my head! I would be excited for any new Morrissey album, but now for me it is next level!!
  16. Girlmostlikely

    Morrissey's (?) cat died today

    To Morrissey- I am truly sorry for the loss of your cat and send you warm thoughts. That is a fantastic picture that captures what I imagine is a a special personality :love:
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