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  1. ADAM

    Adam May has passed away

    From Todd Vierling, Adam May's husband: The Adam many of you simply know as "ADAM (In All Caps)" left us at approximately 5:30 pm US/Eastern time, September 29, 2017. This was a while coming. Besides some serious lower back problems starting around 2007 and accelerating in 2012 and later, he...
  2. ADAM

    There's a 24-hour news backout over a prominent UK death

    "The Queen is Dead, boys..."
  3. R

    Richard Davalos, ‘East of Eden’ Actor, Dies at 85

    Roberto Ferdenzi posted the link: Richard Davalos, ‘East of Eden’ Actor, Dies at 85 - Variety Actor Richard Davalos, who played James Dean’s brother Aron in Elia Kazan’s 1955 film “East of Eden,” died Tuesday at St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, Calif. He was 85. Davalos approached...
  4. ADAM

    Did anyone else get the bonus footprint edition of the ultimate box set?

    I did. I bet Flax will be full of envy. P.S. Denise, I spotted your name instantly.
  5. ADAM

    Cancel The Tours!

    I will be wildly unpopular for stating this, but I would GENUINELY like to see Morrissey cancel the tour — UK, US, ALL SHOWS — and take a meaningful amount of time to rest. Am I completely alone in this? I've had my share of shows canceled. I've lost money, and I mean a LOT of money. I've...
  6. ADAM

    Moz MTV '94 Bit

    Some of you are in this. :thumb: Hopefully this will send some positive energy out there. If you have problems playing the video make sure you have an H.264 decoder.
  7. ADAM

    "Jerusalem" from Introducing Morrissey.

    I'm working on encoding a "good" quality version of the whole tape from a beta copy. For now, here's "Jerusalem". Enjoy? (An HQ YouTube version is available, and feedback is appreciated.)
  8. ADAM

    Seeking 'Boy Happy' bundle.

    Lalalalala... a friend who wouldn't dare post here (for reasons that are beyond me) has asked me to try to procure the "Boy Happy" bundle. If you're in the market to sell, please contact me. Since I know he's going to read this, you twit, shyness can stop you, etc. etc.
  9. ADAM

    Why is there no boot of 10/26/07 @ Hammertoe Ballroom?

    Of all the shows, of all the nights... that one is the one that just HAS to be missing. (I got the mic that night, damn it!) I faithfully/dutifully put up the Atlanta/Chastain show (which turned out to be a hysterical show). I've waited, and now I'm just going to beg. The 11/19/07 Alabama...
  10. ADAM

    Songs you intentionally sing incorrectly?

    I got some funny looks from Him in 1997 for signs reading (as I sing them): 'We're just keeping the copulation down...' and 'Slum girls are big, hairy ogres...' I'd never jot it on a sign, but, and this one's for the cheap seats: 'And in the darkened underpass, I thought, OH GOD, my...
  11. ADAM

    James Dean’s high school faces demolition This is a call to arms, my friends. We need to form a human shield and, literally, throw our arms around Fairmount High School. I will stare down the bulldozer. Will you? Also, please note, you can protest and you can frink, but you gotta...
  12. ADAM

    Atlanta Is Still 100% On...

    My partner went by after work today, and they're sold out. They also were called by the tour manager to assure them that Atlanta is still happening. So ya'll pop open a Coca Cola, fly Delta, and get cheese grits at one of our 500 convenient Waffle House restaurants.
  13. ADAM

    Looking for: Mizner Park, Boca Raton, FL

    I'm looking for a good seat for Mizner Park. (The last show was pandemonium.) So... if anyone has an extra to sell, or knows someone... any help would be great. (I know, I'm an idiot, but I have a good excuse.) Chairs, -A
  14. ADAM

    Happy Lovers United (?)

    I just noticed this one over at Passions Just Like Mine. It seems... odd. Anyone have any info (or a copy) to share?
  15. ADAM

    I found my Atlanta 1991 Microcassette!

    I literally had to smuggle it in in the sole of my shoe, then I wrapped it up in a t-shirt and bounded for the stage. So young, so foolish... It sounds like the concert was recorded over a garbled cell-phone connection. A friend here is trying to clean it up to at least a bad recording, but...
  16. ADAM

    Happy 1 Year Anniversary to the Line Crashers Thread

    One year ago today at 4:41pm EST, it began. Ah, such good times.
  17. ADAM

    Did "You Should Have Been Nice To Me" leak out?

    I saw the lyrics over on Passions, and I was wondering if someone slipped this gem out without much fanfare?
  18. ADAM

    Morrissey should immigrate to America!

    Not that he's living in Malibu or anything currently. (*COUGH*) I think I can even get the Frink girls to agree with me on this one. (C'mon ladies, get those cha-cha heels dancing in this thread.) I think it's time for the mighty Him to end his tax-exile status, and become a full-fledged...
  19. ADAM

    Do people still read the NME? Really?

    I basically bought the Songs To Save Your Life issue, and that's been it since. What news can they give me that I don't read here, or have via txt within minutes (KRSTN IS GONE!)? I suppose the poor old rag is like the music industry itself, and they're just desperate for any sale. Perhaps...
  20. ADAM

    What's In Your Queue Kit?

    Coke Zero / Coke Zero Cherry Hand Sanitizer Moist Towelettes Now & Laters Candy Cough Drops [Ricola] Chair (where possible) Lip Balm (to smear on Jay's camera lens) Body Armor / Unitard ;)
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