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  1. CharlieFairhead

    Article: "In publishing Morrissey's autobiography as a classic, Penguin has destroyed its own reputa

    In publishing Morrissey's autobiography as a classic, Penguin has destroyed its own reputation - The Telegraph by Brendan O'Neill Excerpt: But it isn't Morrissey we should be slating here; it's Penguin. In agreeing to publish Moz's apparently revealing life story as a classic, Penguin has...
  2. CharlieFairhead

    Lanterns On The Lake

    I think they deserve their own thread. This is such a lovely, wistful and topical new single...
  3. CharlieFairhead

    Under The Radar magazine LA photo gallery
  4. CharlieFairhead

    Slow Moving Millie: 'Morrissey said it was delightful'

    Slow Moving Millie: 'Morrissey said it was delightful' - The Telegraph Neil McCormick meets Amelia Warner, the singer behind the John Lewis commercial. Excerpt: “I was born in the Eighties and grew up with this music, but the decade was so unforgiving to songwriting. It was all huge synths...
  5. CharlieFairhead

    Simon Armitage talking Moz on BBC6

    He had nothing but praise for Morrissey on Marc Riley last night, saying he had no regrets about meeting one of his heroes. It's all about 1 hr 50 mins in after November..
  6. CharlieFairhead

    Best Coast

    I love her/them.
  7. CharlieFairhead

    Happy Birthday Jesuisbryony!

    Best wishes love, have a smashing day. xx
  8. CharlieFairhead

    Taster from Tracey Thorn's new album

    Official Mp3 taster from her upcoming album. Nice little song. 'Oh, The Divorces'
  9. CharlieFairhead

    It really shouldn't work but it does

    Love it. Better than Peter Hook ha.
  10. CharlieFairhead

    Oye Happy Birthday Terence!

    A man with more taste capacity than a blue whale's tongue.
  11. CharlieFairhead

    Great mailorder record shop for obscure bands

    I sometimes struggle to find albums by quite a few artists i like, I'd be easy enough to just find a download but i like to support such artists and buy em' when I've got the cash Anyway this Swedish shop is great and not expensive, the people who run it seem lovely and friendly and they don't...
  12. CharlieFairhead

    The Wedding Present/Cinerama

    No active thread so i thought it was only right. Below are the first confirmed live dates for The Wedding Present for 2010. The band's major label debut album 'Bizarro' will be played live in its entirety as part of the set. UK dates TBC later. APRIL [The USA, Canada & Croatia] 1 : San Diego CA...
  13. CharlieFairhead

    Bulgarian Man Kills Neighbour for Putting Robbie Williams on Repeat

    Should've been the organ grinder.
  14. CharlieFairhead

    Santa Loves all kids. Even ginger ones.

    Tesco withdraws ginger jibe cards, i want some. Get a grip people, it's funny.
  15. CharlieFairhead

    The Primitives back on tour

    I'm really chuffed about this, nostalgia perhaps but a great band all the same. Here are the 2010 dates: April 17 - Southampton Joiners April 18 - Bristol Thekla April 20 - Manchester Moho Live April 21 - York Fibbers April 22 - Glasgow Stereo April 23 - Leeds Brudenell Social Club April 25 -...
  16. CharlieFairhead

    Scottish albums of the decade

    According to 'The (Uncle) Skinny' website.
  17. CharlieFairhead

    Rose Elinor Dougall

    I'm not sure why but the last thread i did on her earlier this year has been archived. Anyway, 'Start/Stop/Synchro' is one of my singles of the year. Anyway she's just released another great single called 'Fallen...
  18. CharlieFairhead

    Liverpool Echo - 'Why Morrissey was right to walk off'

    Probably all getting a bit tiresome now but an interesting article nonetheless.
  19. CharlieFairhead

    Jesus - With you always

    Some of this chaps artwork made me laugh out loud. Ha apologies, this was meant for off topic.
  20. CharlieFairhead


    I'm sure there are a few fans milling about here. New album out in Feb 2010 01.05 Baton Rouge, LA: Spanish Moon 01.06 Tallahasses, FL: Enginge Room 01.07 Orlando, FL: The Social 01.08 St. Augustine, FL: Cafe Eleven 01.09 Mt. Pleasant, SC: Village Tavern 01.10 Asheville, NC: Grey Eagle...
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