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  1. jdbabz

    Matt Walker is a great photographer Great photographer and general good egg otherwise he wouldn't have been invited back after his short hiatus. Wonder what happened to the drummer who took over momentarily.
  2. jdbabz

    Looking for article written by journalist who infiltrated Morrissey's crew

    Can anyone remember the name of the journalist who infiltrated Morrissey's crew and wrote an article on it, I'd like to read it again. Thank-you.
  3. jdbabz

    Tim Jonze- Music of 2011

    Let the fun and games begin! Tim Jonzes' picks for albums and tracks of 2011 ;) I'll start.... Rihanna mwha ha ha ha Albums 1. SBTRKT - SBTRKT 2. Frank Ocean - Nostalgia/Ultra 3. The Weeknd: House of Balloons 4. Azari and III - Azari and III 5. tUnE-yArDs - w h o k i l l 6. Rustie -...
  4. jdbabz

    I need to ask about the hair Okay lets assume it's true. In fact it may well be true given that Morrissey thinks that we're all a picnic short of a sandwich on here also the fact that many of you covet his hair. Would any of you actually buy Morrissey's hair...
  5. jdbabz

    Horse it into ya Cynthia / You're the one for me fatty

    I was listening to this on the radio the other day. Might be a bit tenuous but it maybe an inspiration for you're the one for me fatty??
  6. jdbabz

    Request: Bradford demos

    Does anyone have the Bradford demos.... 'the swing of things' etc... I've exhausted i tunes at this stage. Any help appreciated.
  7. jdbabz

    Request: The Cookies- Wounded

    Does anyone have The Cookies- 'Wounded' or indeed any cookies songs please :o?
  8. jdbabz

    Request: Wedding Present "Step into Christmas"

    I'm looking for Wedding Present "Step into Christmas" to complete my christmas cd. Save me from Dolly Parton!!!!!! Here's The Kinks: 'Father Christmas'
  9. jdbabz

    Request: Belle and Sebastian Christmas tunes

    I listened to "O 'Come O'Come Emmanuel" the other day and it's really good. Does any Belle & Sebastian fans have anymore of their christmas tunes -
  10. jdbabz

    Anyone have Paul Newman 'Plastic Jesus' ?

    Anyone have Paul Newman 'Plastic Jesus'? :guitar: Tis a great tune.
  11. jdbabz

    Want: Small Morrissey Blue Crest t-shirt Bravado sold me down the river so this t-shirt in a small size is now sold out. Willing to negotiate a price for a tee that is in good condition. Thanks
  12. jdbabz

    String Tribute To Depeche Mode

    Thought I'd share this little ditty with you guys as i've plundered many a tune form this forum. Cheers. String Tribute To Depeche Mode
  13. jdbabz

    Gustavo Santaolalla

    I'm really looking forward to this collaboration - "Children in pieces" "My dearest Love" He has worked on many soundtracks Babel Motorcycle Diaries, Amores Perros, Brokeback Mountain....lets just ignore his song with Nelly Furtado. Here's the Motorcycle Diaries theme -...
  14. jdbabz

    Anybody Portugese? Can you translate Tudo Que Voc Podia Ser

    Can anybody who speaks portugese translate this song please: Quarteto Em Cy - Tudo que você podia ser
  15. jdbabz

    Req- Paul Davidson Midnight Rider

    Hi, Does anyone have Paul Davidon "Midnight Rider". Johnny Marr ,mentioned it as a favourite of his on a recent radio interview , also a favourite of Norman Cook a.k.a Fat boy slim. Johnny also mentioned that he likes Emily Haines: Dr.Blind is an ace tune...
  16. jdbabz

    Johnny Marr Compilation/Playlist/Influences

    Morrissey has provided us with a good few playlists. Last night during his bbc radio interview Johnny mentioned some of his favourite songs artists- Paul Davidson- Midnight Rider Emily Haines The Cribs Can anybody think of any other songs Johnny might put on a compilation?
  17. jdbabz

    Request- MOJO magazine free Cd Ok Computer

    Hi can someone upload the MOJO magazine free Cd Ok Computer? Don't normally buy music mags unless morrissey is in them plus there is the crippling expense :guitar:
  18. jdbabz

    Bryan Ferry- Right Stuff request

    Nevermind just heard it - The lyrics don't fit. I'll see if I can upload some stuff.
  19. jdbabz

    Fresh as a daisy - James

    Fresh as a daisy James Anyone willing to share disc 1 the rare b-sides I don't really care much for the second disc with "sit down" on it. Please. New years resolution to share some stuff...
  20. jdbabz

    Request- Charlatans Only One I know and The Rapture Sister Saviour (DFA Remix)

    Just looking for these two songs, they're stuck in my head.
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