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    YouTube gem

    The Real Morrissey
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    Downloading basics??

    Hello. Please recommend a download site. I have a Creative MP3 player. I don't mind legit pay-for, but free is nice. And how does it work when people agree to upload or send songs to each other etc etc. I may sound naive but up to now I have only ripped CDs. In advance, thanks.
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    Please, anybody know this film (movie)?

    Trying to find title of a film i saw in early 80s. American. Maybe tv movie. These details may be a bit inaccurate. Mother and lover try to drown her daughter in a lake in order to inherit what was left to daughter by her (recently deceased?) father. They think she has drowned but are wrong...
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    any touts about?

    Has there been anybody selling tickets outside the venues? I may go to Nottingham on the off chance.
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    The Smiths South Bank Show

    Isn't on YouTube yet. Why?
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    1st mp3 player- please help

    Recently bought Creative Muvo mp3 player. How the hell do I put music in it? I really am trying but info is minimal wherever I look. I am not thick but I just cannot make any sense of it. Please help.
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    "Cool As You/Charles" by Education

    I'm going to be playing your track Charles on my show 'The Asylum' 17th Oct '06 at 9:00:00 PM GMT... listen in at and SKY channel 0155 in the UK. A RATTLING but quietly sophisticated punk band with one foot in the past and one in the present, Education excel at upbeat gems of...
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    Education's new double-A single

    A vocal that sounds like a less world weary Morrissey having his DNA tweaked and twisted with David Gedge and you have yourself a little stripped and ready for action nugget that'll nag, nag, nag until your driven to the point of distraction - oh yeah and it's damn cool to. Echoing the sentiment...
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    7 minute epics

    there was How Soon Is Now?, Barbarism Begins At Home, The Queen is Dead, Paint A Vulgar Picture. Indie, Funk, Punk and Pop. Tremendous.
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    does anybody know of a proper house or trance mix of a smiths or moz tune?
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    question: during hulmerist

    what's the opera (i think it's opera) song? the one during the opening crowd scenes before Playboys??
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    if i could be bothered to do a poll

    it would be arctic monkeys versus libertines/doherty. i like lib/doh. i don't much like arcticM. their name is rubbish 'n all.
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    striptease with a difference

    I've just heard it for the first time. I'm new to downloading but it worked.
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    graeme le saux

    I read that he was very disappointed with the pundit role he was offered by the bbc and "stormed off"! Great news!
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    morrissey's cars

    did moz ever have white porsche 911 with SPM in the number plate?
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    where is that thread that contains

    a list of moz/smiths songs that were "borrowed", ie metal guru. I can't find it and i want to go to youtube to listen to 'em. by the way, is there a better site than youtube for streaming songs? in advance...... ta.
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    you are all aware of damien dempsey, yes?

    i am very hard to please with new music but this fella is the real thing.
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    what difference..?

    i prefer the version from the 1st album. who will send me a cd of the troy tate album?
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    catatonia were good

    and Cerys a real beauty
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    its been approx 15 years since i heard

    the full version of "will never marry" and the studio version of "sister i'm a poet", but i've just put that right. those songs are as good as the smiths. oh yes.
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