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  1. WillBirgisson

    Manchester Date Added, Manchester Arena, Saturday 28 July - TTY Update

    Hmm, I think about going to Manchester for the weekend, found cheap flights from Germany. He always added more dates when he first spoke of ONLY show, but this time I can imagine it'll be the last show of the whole tour, some kind of homecoming?!
  2. WillBirgisson

    Inverness, Scotland - Ironworks (June 17, 2011) Audio

    By the way: I've been to Berlin some weeks ago and found a recording of the show from july in a record store. They wanted to sell it for 20 €, but I found it too expensive, especially because I had no chance to check the quality of the recording. Thought I would find it on the internet -...
  3. WillBirgisson

    Morrissey Grimsby 28th November 2011?

    I don't think it's true. Someone spread the rumour that Moz would play in Berlin in autumn again as well, but I don't believe it. Why should he play twice in both cities without having any new record or something else? Besides it's a little bit curios with Grimsby, because the show in june...
  4. WillBirgisson

    Intermission music

    Thank you, Emil! That's funny, because I thought it could be Melanie's voice.
  5. WillBirgisson

    Intermission music

    Does anyone know which female singer sings the song with the lyrics "... I don't like animals and animals don't like me..." (don't remember the lyrics exactly)? I really loved it!
  6. WillBirgisson

    Looking for 1 Aarhus-Ticket

    Just try to renew my cry for help: If anyone short can't unexspected visit the show and has a spare ticket - contact me, PLEASE! Seems that the Århus-show is a very admired one (understandable due to the small venue), found no one with a spare ticket yet.
  7. WillBirgisson

    Morrissey to play in Berlin

    Hmm, I think I'll don't take the train anymore - all the most cheap Sparpreis-tickets aren't available anymore. So I'll go by car to Berlin. Would be great to drive with some other guys from Hamburg. But: Actually I would like to go to Berlin on sunday. Otherwise I would like to go to...
  8. WillBirgisson

    Morrissey to play in Berlin

    Flensburg as a Moz fan capital?! Hahaha! I don't know anyone there - just my teacher for latin, he asked me one day when I wore my Morrissey-shirt. He's pretty cool and said that his teenage "gang" listened to The Smiths a lot in the 80s. ;) But anyway: I think there are nice and cheap...
  9. WillBirgisson

    Morrissey to play in Berlin

    By the way: Here it's said that the tickets will cost 50€ -> Just one ticket category, so it will definitely be just standing.
  10. WillBirgisson

    Morrissey to play in Berlin

    Here I am, sistasheila! ;) I have to go there - and I will go! I really don't know how to go there, but we could go together from Hamburg I think. Maybe other guys from Hamburg will go? But: Is it really just seated? I don't think so. Have a look...
  11. WillBirgisson

    Live set list you would want to see/hear

    No Moz-show without How soon is now! Besides I would like to hear some stuff like Last of the famous international playboys November spawned a monster Happy lovers at last united Now my heart is full Do your best and don't worry Boxers Trouble loves me He cried I like you And...
  12. WillBirgisson

    scandinavian roll call

    Re: Copenhagen I think standing tickets were available, but not for the orchestra area. If you have a look at some pictures of the full house opera you can see that some people in the background are standing, so I think these are the standing areas - the tickets for standing were not that...
  13. WillBirgisson

    Looking for 1 Aarhus-Ticket

    If anyone has a spare ticket for the show I would be very happy if you'll contact me! I tried to get my ticket 3 hours after the tickets went on sale and had no luck. :(
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