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    Sports news/discussion

    What is happening to Selby? Selby 2-8 Perry Selby 3-8 Perry Selby 4-8 Perry
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    Morrissey on CBS This Morning Saturday Sessions (Dec. 16, 2017) - reminder/reports

    Videos posted on CBS site and also YouTube (links posted by Shyness 1s nice): "Spent The Day In Bed", "Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage", "How Soon Is Now?" (removed), "Everyday Is Like Sunday" Feature story: "The unlikely story of Washington D.C.'s new music venue The Anthem"...
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    The Morrissey album drinking challenge?

    Prepare Yourself For Morrissey's New Album With This Moz-Themed Drinking Game
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    Morrissey receives "Morrissey Day" certificate in ceremony at Hollywood Bowl (Nov. 10, 2017)

    Getting his award! Links posted by Famous when dead: Posted by Sam Esty Rayner / YouTube: Images from @rosejoon / Instagram posted by an anonymous person: Morrissey gets his Morrissey Day proclamation at the Hollywood Bowl - Los Angeles Daily News. Link posted by Famous when...
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    Joey Barton: 'Morrissey is a modern-day Shakespeare' (GQ, 2012)

    Joey Barton GQ interview mentioning Morrissey: Joey Barton: 'Morrissey is a modern-day Shakespeare' - GQ Morrissey has just launched his highly anticipated comeback single "Spent The Day In Bed", with Joey Barton making a special cameo. Here, we remember when GQ Style interviewed Barton on...
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