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  1. ellekari

    Modest Mouse Ticket (London) on Ebay

    Hi, just wanted to let you know I'm selling my Modest Mouse ticket on Ebay: It's in the Royal Albert Hall, London, May 23, Arena standing. Cheers, elle
  2. ellekari

    request: farin urlaub - sumisu

    It's a German song about listening to the Smiths - could someone upload please please? :rolleyes:
  3. ellekari

    Morrissey second in cultural icon poll least that's what he said in Frankfurt yesterday [hopefully not old news? didn't find it before]. First is, as Moz put it, "David Fattenborough". "It's definitely a fix"
  4. ellekari

    how embarrassing "There is a light that goes out" That hurts.
  5. ellekari

    morrissey should move to germany!

    we have a female chancellor right now, we could have a gay chancellor soon:,1518,437943,00.html Time for Morrissey to move to Germany, don't you think? :cool:
  6. ellekari

    smiths sheet music on ebay I can't buy this because they won't ship to anywhere outside the uk, but maybe someone else is interested... Or MAYBE someone would even...
  7. ellekari

    "text this number" V Festival on youtube

    Probably nothing new to most, but I hadn't seen it before: it's Morrissey asking people to text etc. to get the single into the charts; he needs 2 minutes and you can see he hates it.
  8. ellekari

    small note on Moz in german magazine

    small note on Moz in german magazine, translated I just found a small note on Morrissey's performance at Rock am Ring. It was in "Musikexpress", August issue. Here's the original and a quick translation. "Morrissey: A lesson in style is given to the Ringrocker community by Stephen Patrick...
  9. ellekari

    Live chat?

    I don't know if this has been done before, but would any of you be interested in meeting in a live chat once in a while (shoutbox or similar)?
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