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  1. brent

    Houston, TX concert still on, venue changed and upgrades available - email

    Show is still on! Venue has been moved. the email: Brent Good news is that the Morrissey show is still happening! Bad news is that bad weather the past few days means we can't have it on the Lawn. But, the show will go on at the brand-spankin' new Smart Financial Centre at 18111 Lexington...
  2. brent

    2014 Merch

    I'm trying to find pics of the merchandise for the current tour. Especially the shirts. Are there mini boxing gloves for sale again? Preparing myself for next Saturday! Thanks! -brent
  3. brent

    2013 Merch

    anyone got a report of what kind of merchandise is being sold on this current US tour? Thanks! brent
  4. brent

    Cameras at Austin show?

    Are they allowed? Called the venue and they said usually not but didn't know. They did say they do a bag check. Anyone in the know??
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