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    Silly question about "Spring-Heeled Jim"

    I've been listening to "The Moz" for almost 30 years and I just decided now to get the answer to this question. At the end of Spring-Heeled Jim I can't decipher what is being said.....Something along the lines of "And I catch 'em and I say his menu or I say his men do"? I don't know what the...
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    Back on the Chain Gang video?

    I've looked seemingly everywhere however I haven't been able to find the answer. I'm trying to find out who are those 3 incredibly hot women dancing in the background? What are their names? Where are they from? How do I look them up? In the video, they look like they are supposed to be high...
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    Any NYC shows planned?

    Can't wait to get out and see the Moz again for the umpteenth time.
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    Is "World Peace is None of your Business" the worst Morrissey album ever

    Let me preface this post by saying that I love Morrissey to death. In fact I gave my only son his middle name but I'm sorry but I have to say that this album just isn't doing it for me. I love all things Morrissey however this album bores me to tears. There are a few good tracks, like...
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    How can I download the new album?

    With it being pulled from all major online outlets is there anyway to download WPINOYB at the current time?:squiffy:
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    Morrissey spotted in NYC today?

    My wife swears that she saw Morrissey walking along 48th Street in Manhattan today with his "posse". Can anybody confirm this sighting?:squiffy: She said that he was walking on Madison Ave and turned down 48th heading towards Park Ave.
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    Atlantic City Show is Coming

    Anybody ever been to Revel and the theater there? I have GA standing room only tickets and was wondering what the thoughts were. I am going by myself but I have two tickets so maybe I'll run into a cute Morrissey fan, who needs a ticket, to chill with......;)
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    Where Can I get A Killer Jacket.........

    Looking for a jacket with a Picture/Painting of The Mozzer adorning the back of it in L or XL. Is there a website or store I should be looking in. No luck on fleabay. Thanks:thumb:
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