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  1. Catholic

    What's Everyone Reading At The Moment?

    Would like to ask what put you off? And what drew you in the first place? It is possible I could clarify in a way that would either confirm it's not worth your time or perhaps the reverse.
  2. Catholic

    Johnny Marr announces new double album

    No need to be sorry. I laughed my head off! : - )
  3. Catholic

    Morrissey Central "ONE YEAR GONE IS ONE YEAR TOO LONG" (August 4, 2021)

    Prayers, continued prayers . . . Love is stronger than death.
  4. Catholic

    It’s not about politics

    Why? I'm honestly interested.
  5. Catholic

    Morrissey Central "Turning The Inside Out." (July 5, 2021)

    Your kindness, dare I say sweetness, at this forum is definitely a bit different and most appreciated here. I shall try to respond to another of your posts when I am less fatigued.
  6. Catholic

    "Morrissey vs the Conformist Cult" By Anything Goes (Paul Joseph Watson)

    Interesting, if depressing. I would be grateful to hear more of how the forum was in the past, before this "dramatic decline". Or is this possibly an exaggeration? Any thoughts from long-time people here would be appreciated.
  7. Catholic

    When did mainstream music start to go downhill?

    Interesting thread! I can hardly comment on post 90s music, as I know visually none of it. But from the little I see of popular culture, at least the Anglo-American popular culture that saturates the Anglosphere, a lot of it seems bland, formulaic, identikit . . . A result of the...
  8. Catholic

    Morrissey Central "THIS IS ENGLAND, 2021" (June 26, 2021)

    This is actually really helpful. Thank you! It's like I know some or even much of it. And yet you identifying the problem in these few, effective lines is quite a potent stimulus to reflection, understanding what is going on . . . or going wrong. Tired. Poorly put . . . just thank you.
  9. Catholic

    Morrissey A-Z: "Nobody Loves Us"

    I want to understand what a classic Moz chord sequence/arrangement is. Because like Amy, maybe others here, this is the Moz I relate to . . . Classic. (And I don't relate so much to Southpaw, YOR etc. - even though they're the same writers.) But I'm never quite sure why this "classic Moz"...
  10. Catholic

    Morrissey A-Z: "Nobody Loves Us"

    I know what you mean. This is the Morrissey that speaks to me most deeply which is why . . . (see my next comment)
  11. Catholic

    Morrissey Central "THIS IS ENGLAND, 2021" (June 26, 2021)

    Two points that speak to so much that is so terribly wrong in today's ultra-Capitalistic, ultra-sensationalist dumbed down world. If you care to elaborate, Nerak, I would be interested. Particularly re: point number 2:"most of the press these days. No budgets." I certainly know what you're...
  12. Catholic

    Cruel World Co-performers, English Beat's Dave Wakeling suggests fans can leave early before Morrissey plays

    Stupid reflection from Mr Wakeling of an increasingly stupid world.
  13. Catholic

    Is there a 'real reason' why Morrissey and Johnny Marr never worked together again?

    More than a bit self-serving! And I hardly believe anything would come from it. I simply wonder if Morrissey just might (?) have more motivation than he did in 2008 — for reasons like this and, as I say, getting back at cancel "culture". And IF (big if!) he did have any new-found...
  14. Catholic

    Is there a 'real reason' why Morrissey and Johnny Marr never worked together again?

    I can't help wondering if just possibly Morrissey (if not Marr) might be slightly more tempted by something like a (Joyce-less) Smiths reunion now than he briefly appeared to be in 2008. The reason would be getting back at Cancel "culture". It would be still very difficult, I think, to...
  15. Catholic

    Morrissey Central "YOUR HEALTH IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" (June 15, 2021)

    Very interesting and moving to hear, Anonymous. I don't know much about MJ or GB news but I hear how "broken" you feel and I am touched by your prayer and love for Morrissey. Also your faith. For me, as a Catholic, it is the Sacraments that sustain in me in this dark night of "civilisation"...
  16. Catholic

    Morrissey Central "YOUR HEALTH IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" (June 15, 2021)

    This kind of mass, collective hate against this man would be unthinkable a few decades ago. Where will we be in a few decades from now? Unlike (I think?) Nerak, whose views here I most often share (and respect even when I don't), I don't think this cancel culture hysteria is going away...
  17. Catholic

    Morrissey Central "YOUR HEALTH IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" (June 15, 2021)

    Watson sickens me. My trouble, though, is I don't think he's completely wrong. 98% wrong maybe, but not completely. Catholicism considers that the great heresies over the last two thousand years are always powerful precisely because they contain significant elements of truth that have been...
  18. Catholic

    Off-topic discussion thread / moved as clogging other threads

    Oh my. I haven't seen all this thread. But I think both: 1) There is something like a new (de facto if not de jure) puritannical religion of wokeness. It terrifies me. 2.) Verso says intelligent things in this forum and deserves better.
  19. Catholic

    Morrissey Central "MORRISSEY NEW ALBUM" (May 30, 2021)

    Interesting. I would be interested to hear more Countthree - as I haven’t heard of this. And this is slightly strange because I was once deeply, deeply engaged with the Cathars before my conversion to Catholicism. Read many books on the theme. Also visited Montsegur many times, Queribus, Albi...
  20. Catholic

    Morrissey Central "MORRISSEY NEW ALBUM" (May 30, 2021)

    Would also be interested if anyone has any indication, idea, rumour - whatever - as to who the co-writers might be? The same basic line-up as the last albums or any chance of a surprise?
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