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  1. typicalgenius

    William, It Was Really Nothing (Max Tannone Remix) - Duncan Sheik

    On the one hand it's thudding and atonal, but on the other it's really quite inhuman.
  2. typicalgenius

    'Autobiography' as an authentic source

    Is any person's autobiography more "authentic" and less subjective? If a person feels that that he or she deserves an autobiography, isn't that sufficient evidence that person isn't equipped to be objective? And why would we want objectivity from an autobiography? In fact, biographies are...
  3. typicalgenius

    Which record label should release "Bonfire Of Teenagers"?

    A wildly informative and creative post; thank you, Dario!
  4. typicalgenius

    The Most Important Band In The World Right

    Seventeen year olds have eloquent notions about the most affecting, important music -- and they're just as right as I was at seventeen. The most important music, right now, is the music that reminds you of having life.
  5. typicalgenius

    Morrissey Central "YOUR VACCINATION:" (October 27, 2021)

    I'm grateful not to know one child as willfully dim as you.
  6. typicalgenius

    eBay callouts thread

    Oh, I agree, it reeks of greed. But I'm not sure petty greed alone warrants our collective opposition? At least not my portion. And I've never sold not one Moz item never!
  7. typicalgenius

    eBay callouts thread

    It's a signed item: its sale value is arbitrary. The seller can legally and ethically charge any amount. Even if it weren't signed, the seller can happily charge any amount. The most you might do to oppose would be not to buy it. Instead you're giving helpful exposure here?
  8. typicalgenius

    It’s not about politics

    Please do yourself great violence.
  9. typicalgenius

    Talkhouse podcast: Idles singer wouldn't support Morrissey (May 28, 2020)

    But then how extraordinary that the fellow spends the entire video flashing the well-known white supremacist hand gesture?
  10. typicalgenius

    "X's comeback and Morrissey's fall when do we let musicians off the hook for thinking bad thoughts" by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

    "If you're gonna jump then jump" is no more an encouragement than "World peace is none of your business." Morrissey has spoken unambiguously about the latter as a taunt, a provocation, a bit of dark-humored reverse psychology. Nor is this approach remarkably different than his earliest: "Young...
  11. typicalgenius

    Louder Than War / Sam Lambeth (2nd review via blog): IANADOAC review 6/10 (March 13, 2020)

    Critic Sam Lambeth writes: "His last collection of original material, Low In High School, focused too much on corrosive guitars and sheets of searing feedback." Which Low in High School is this? And if Lambeth shows he didn’t hear the last album, should we believe he heard this one?
  12. typicalgenius

    Mr Demos audio analysis

    Either Tom is demonstrating that the recording is the product of contemporary fakery or he's arguing -- more intriguingly -- that a time travelling Mancunian brought back Audacity to the early '80s. And I'm sorry if Audacity confuses you, but most of us can easily see breaks and repeats --...
  13. typicalgenius

    Camden, NJ - BB&T Pavilion (Sep. 9, 2019) post-show

    Against all odds, I caught Jessie's pick -- for my second show in a row. I caught his pick at one of the Broadway shows in May and tonight he flung the wee gnat seemingly zip into my claw. I'm a man whose criminal dexterity almost had me exiled from gym class, banned from bowling, and left to...
  14. typicalgenius

    Come to Camden I'll be good

    Camden's BB&T Pavilion has a delirious number of seats still available for next Monday's show -- so why should you consider purchasing one or both of mine? For ONE: they're fairly pleasant seats -- the scenic Sec 102 Row K Seat 19 and the even plusher Sec 101 Row C Seat 5 -- nearly as close as...
  15. typicalgenius

    Billy Bragg: “Morrissey has broken the hearts of a lot of people” - The Big Issue (26 June, 2019)

    I used to be so quiet and peaceful on this site but the furious idiocy on display lately have made me vocal. Not only couldn’t you prove the foul silliness you say, you couldn’t repeat it without stumbling over your own random, foggy words. Naturally you don’t have the courage of your...
  16. typicalgenius

    Billy Bragg: “Morrissey has broken the hearts of a lot of people” - The Big Issue (26 June, 2019)

    Stop. Please. You're embarrassing yourself. I could be a Muslim scholar. You know so little and you're furiously determined to beat your dead, ignorant horse for us all to see. Retire from self-abasement.
  17. typicalgenius

    "Lady Willpower" c/w "Rainbow Valley" - physical single release (available Aug. 23, 2019); artwork

    I wondered the same. While "b/w" ("backed with") is most common for records, apparently "c/w" ( is appropriate to denote "combined with" or "coupled with" and is used with 45s and singles.
  18. typicalgenius

    Billy Bragg: “Morrissey has broken the hearts of a lot of people” - The Big Issue (26 June, 2019)

    Please Google the Latin denotation "sic." Afterward you'll want to delete your little muddled tantrum. Of course, if you were worried about embarrassing yourself, you would've deleted all your posts by now.
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