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  1. bagface

    some records for sale

    prices not including shipping, based mostly on completed ebay listings and what i remember paying. tried to price closer to low but feel free to politely let me know if anything seems unreasonable! have a bunch more that i may or may not be adding in the near future. 12" (sleeves for all but...
  2. bagface

    WTB: pit or front floor ticket for St. Paul

    rather than go to the box office i bought my ticket online like an idiot and ended up having to settle for something pretty far in the back thinking that i'd be able to upgrade at some point. would naturally prefer to pay face value but if you insist i would probably be willing to pay a bit more.
  3. Uncleskinny

    Miley Cyrus covers "There Is A Light..." in Belfast

    UPDATE May 21: Watch Miley Cyrus Cover the Smiths' 'There Is a Light,' Take a Selfie - Rolling Stone includes link to full song on YouTube: At her concert at Belfast's Odyssey Arena, Monday 19th May 2014, CrystalGeezer also writes: One of last night's trolls dug her instagram version...
  4. bagface

    bunch of posters for sale

    due to poor financial planning i ended up owing a bunch in taxes for last year and have been forced to get rid of some stuff. most of these i was unable to find any pricing history for so i just winged it based on what i remember paying for them and/or how near/dear they are to me. most have...
  5. bagface

    15 shirt lot for sale

    asking $150 for the lot which, of course, comes to $10 a shirt. shipping isn't included and can be worked out. would strongly prefer to ship within the US and am willing to cut a deal on shipping within the states. selling as a lot so please don't send me a bunch of messages about splitting it...
  6. Harsh Truth

    More US tour dates rescheduled, Philadelphia (Apr. 6) added

    Check Ticketmaster - Minneapolis (Mar. 22), Chicago (Mar. 23), Atlanta (Mar. 30), Denver (Apr. 26) Also, Dallas is April 15 (more details - link posted by an anonymous person). typicalgenius writes: Morrissey will be performing at Philadelphia's Tower Theater on Saturday, April 6th, 2013...
  7. bagface

    FS: signed/numbered (4 of 30) years of refusal lp from 4/6/09 state theater mpls

    really don't want to part with this but i am extremely broke right now and need all the extra money i can get. it's been kept in a frame since purchase so it's in great condition. not sure what the "market value" for these is...the only other one i could find on here was from texas and went for...
  8. bagface

    FS: GA ticket for sold out Lincoln, NE Rococo Theatre 11/1/12 at cost

    Ugh, really want to go to this but I don't think I can afford lodging and travel for another show. I paid $58 for the ticket but I'll probably just round up to $60 for shipping. Bought online so I don't have an actual ticket. I'm assuming I print it off and send it? We can figure it out, I...
  9. bagface

    selling a bunch of stuff (shirts, posters, books, misc. mostly solo)

    hey guys i'm deciding to clean house a bit and get ride of some stuff. trying to be as fair as i can with the pricing, i'm not really sure what most of it is "worth" so i'm just trying to ask for less than what i paid on most things. if you don't like the price on something, feel free to try...
  10. bagface

    subway poster appraisal

    I've got two enormous posters that I bought on ebay a couple of years ago for about $80 each. One is for promotion of I Have Forgiven Jesus and the other is for You Are the Quarry. Just wonder if there's any sort of concrete "market value" for these. They've just been sitting around my apartment...
  11. bagface

    vauxhall and i is the album of the day on allmusic cool
  12. bagface

    nobody has posted this yet? hilarious hole live review can't wait to see her in minneapolis
  13. bagface

    has this happened to you? frustrating people content

  14. bagface

    vauxhall and i is my best friend

    and i'm very bored and haven't posted here in forever, of course
  15. bagface

    Yes we did! :mad:
  16. bagface


    do any of you use it? it's kinda funny/scary/gross. very NSFW
  17. bagface

    vegetarian trying to go vegan please help

    i guess this switch was inevitable and i feel like i can't put it off any longer...the only problem is i'm a really picky eater and most of what i eat now has dairy in it..mac and cheese, grilled cheese, milk and cereal, etc. i'm assuming there's a lot of other more subtle stuff i'll have to...
  18. bagface

    this article really pissed me off can you say sensationalist media? jesus they completely skew the statement and make it seem like he's ashamed of being morrissey or something. and i would hardly call his statements on the music...
  19. bagface

    i don't think 'Trouble Loves Me' gets enough recognition

    maybe it's just me but i don't think this amazing song is rated highly enough. i mean i know there's no real measure for these things, but it doesn't generally seem to be held in the regard that i believe it should be. i think it's one of the songs that best defines him. it is THE morrissey...
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