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    Non-canonical "Seasick" (acoustic) remix

    Did my usual trick of fiddling around with the stereo mix , removing the left speaker feed . Starker and more plaintive , perhaps ?
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    Speedway (Rayner video) mp3

    Here's the mp3 version of "Speedway" filmed by Rayner at Madison Square Garden ... Using sendspace will hopefully alleviate any problems with downloading ...
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    "Kiss Me A Lot" ( Fallon) mp3

    Converted the video to mp3 format for anyone who's keen ...
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    Boz and choir sing "Come Back to Camden" at mayoral ceremony

    If anyone's interested , I made an audio copy of Boz and choir in mp3. Left it alone other than increasing the volume ...
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    The Ashes

    Why did I start this thread ? It isn't as though I didn't watch the first session a.k.a. the blitzkrieg of Broad , part 2 Christ , I just checked the score ; now it's 5 / 110 ! I was hoping that the sunnier weather would render England's swing attack less menacing. Oh well ... maybe Broad...
  6. Uncleskinny

    'Lost' Morrissey interview by Tony Clayton-Lea, Dublin 1991

    He sounds weary of all journalists at this point. Some telling quotations in there. Q&A: MORRISSEY - Tony Clayton-Lea Excerpt: This interview took place early June, 1991, backstage at Dublin’s National Stadium, several hours before Morrissey went on stage (the support acts were the Would...
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    Jesse Tobias & Angie Hart - "Charge"

    Came across this the other week and thought it may be of interest. Apparently , Jesse and his then wife , Hart , as the band "Splendid" , released an album roughly a decade ago which ( rightly or wrongly) did nothing and went nowhere. For those keen to hear the song "Charge" from that album ...
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    Tiger Army - The Loop (cover)

    Tiger Army - The Loop To be honest , a faintly disappointing effort from a great band. Misses out on the mystery of the studio track and contents itself with a dry run-through of the "Beethoven" version ...
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    "That Joke" - Capitol Theatre mp3 19/01/2013

    With thanks to FDR , here's the mp3 of "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore" live from the Capitol Theatre ...
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    Letterman "Action Is ..." mp3

    Here's the audio I ripped from Youtube of Morrissey's January 8 appearance ( thanks to the original poster )... Action Is My Middle Name :
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    Mp3 Enmore " I Know It's Over"

    Converted Ryan's video footage of this song to mp3. Hope you don't mind , Ryan ( PM me if so ...). A great mix that deserves a wider airing ( particularly because you can hear me screeching at [ roughly] 0.30m ... :rolleyes: )
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    The Boy Racer ( Household Mix )

    Did my usual trick of fiddling about with the stereo mix of various Moz tracks. I mixed out Boz and split the other signal back through both speakers ( so it's now an Alain stereo effort). To be honest , by removing the staticky Boz guitar part , I think the song actually gains in venomousness...
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    The Meteors and P. Paul Fenech

    Have been listening a lot to this band. Mixes psychobilly , spanish guitar , surfabilly and country exceedingly well. Think guns, ghosts and graveyards , defiance and revenge ... Includes the hits This f***ing World, Jezabelle and The Loneliness of the Long Distance Killer ...
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    "Some Girls ..." request

    I was wondering if anyone out there happened to possess a decent quality live version of Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others ? Just to clarify , I do have that Smiths live track ( as found on that Japanese CD) but was quite keen to get hold of a solo Moz effort. Yes, I did have a brief...
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    Vina Del Mar HD ?

    Did an HD version of this concert film ever surface ? Had a bit of a browse through the archives but couldn't find anything ( except an old torrent link )...
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    Canada " In Studio sessions" KidsALooker.mp3

    Here's the first one -
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    Meaning of "...Far-Off Places " lyrics ?

    I've always wondered what was meant by the final handful of lyrics in this song i.e. " I believe I will see you somewhere - safe looking to the camera messing around and pulling faces ." Hardly a vital question , I know. Tenuously , I suppose the thought that comes to mind (...
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    "Father Who Must Be Killed " live ?

    I know it was only played once or twice live but did anyone ever manage to grab a decent-quality recording of this ? I always liked the eerie, disturbing feel of this song , particularly in the verses. If only the guitars on the album recording had more ... I don't know , brunt ?
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    "Southpaw" - Finn ?

    Talking about Neil Finn/Crowded House in the other thread reminded me of something I'd occasionally thought of over the years - can anyone else hear more than just a bit of the Moz track "Southpaw" in the song "Private Universe" ? It was released in '93 ...
  20. Giselle

    Morrissey inteview in Turkish paper Cumhuriyet by Zülal Kalkandelen

    Found this on Twitter. A blogger based in Turkey conducted a thoughtful email interview with Morrissey, in advance of the show in Istanbul coming up on July 19th. Check it out: MORRISSEY : YOU SAVED MY LIFE © Zülal Kalkandelen Cumhuriyet / 14 Temmuz 2012 Original article in Turkish...
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