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  1. Mr Reynolds

    Flying Saucers

  2. Mr Reynolds

    This Used to be The Future

    THIS USED TO BE THE FUTURE - EXPERIMENT 01 Where the late 70's and early 80's make love and their child is born Tomorrow. Forever Tomorrow.
  3. Mr Reynolds

    Craftwork - Kate Bush spells remixed

  4. Mr Reynolds

    At The Centre of It All (gathered Bowie remixes)

  5. Mr Reynolds

    Moz Albums - Mr Reynolds Suite

    After a positive response to my FINE LIGHTS (IN FANCY DRESS) and I’M NOT MY TYPE – MORRISSEY REMIX COLLECTION I decided to apply a similar sensibility to Morrissey’s main albums. I always preferred a variable sequencing of tracks that included single 'B sides' in each era to keep the listening...
  6. Mr Reynolds

    'I'm Not My Type' - Morrissey Remix Collection

    I made this today. :guitar: Mr R x Edit - I had to amend the file so this is the correct link now. x
  7. Mr Reynolds

    Smithtorrent help?

    Hi guys, I can't seem to get registered on smithstorrent. I have tried two different email addresses and names but it won't send me the registration email. I tried to contact DavidA from the email address given in a thread on here but it bounced back. Can anyone help? Cheers Mr R x
  8. Mr Reynolds

    Fine Lights (in fancy dress) - Mr Reynolds'][/URL] Disc 1'][/URL] Disc 2'][/URL] Disc 3...
  9. Mr Reynolds

    South With Morrissey - Hand it over, hand it over, hand it over...

    As we are on such an incredible roll of donations this New Year - who will finally send a link for the South With Morrissey long lost film? I know its out there - come on can do it... :)
  10. Mr Reynolds

    Dagenham Dave (original take) - Happy New Year
  11. Mr Reynolds

    'Nobody Loves Us' demo rough take - Happy New Year For the sake of Auld Lang Syne - Happy New Year! In the spirit of the season - here's a great quality version of a great track.
  12. Mr Reynolds

    Take the peodo link down david t - listen to the fans

    THINGS TO COME??? If the story is still on the news page after midnight (UK GMT) I am out of this place forever. I have tried to reason with David T in Private Messages today and threads . He knows the strength of feeling in play about this. I...
  13. Mr Reynolds

    Fine lights (in fancy dress) - curated by mr reynolds

    ‘There is a light that never goes out.’ - Morrissey ‘My dad, when he had his records on…he sparkled. Not dazzling like you, but with fine lights…’ – Little Voice This compilation project has been a genuine labour of love for me over the last couple of months. I was never satisfied with the...
  14. Mr Reynolds

    REQ - Alsation Cousin The Skarafarians (spelling??) Also info on Moz covers please

    Hi guys - Can you help? I am trying to put together a new mix of Moz/Smiths covers as its been a while. I lost most of my old files which contained cover songs so I would really appreciate any help. Is there a definitive list of covers anywhere? Also I noticed that the old Covers links in...
  15. Mr Reynolds

    REQ: Doll And The Kicks version of Arms Around Paris?

    Has anyone got a good quality version of this? Ta x
  16. Mr Reynolds

    Your Arsenal Won't Play!?

    Hi guys - I just received my new shiny CD of Your Arsenal remaster and the bad news is it won't play the first few tracks without stuttering and glitching. The songs from 'Fatty' onwards play ok but nothing before. Is this just my disc or can anyone else confirm a problem? I've cleaned the disc...
  17. Mr Reynolds

    Request - Introducing Morrissey

    I lost my audio rip of the 'Introducing Morrissey' live video. Can any kind soul point me in the right direction to a link or could someone that has it upload a new one pretty please? Thank you sooo much...
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