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  1. DeadQueen

    Joyce on Morrissey

    Got to love his quote. "I don't need to write lyrics about how badly I was treated...". Firstly, I'm not sure if he's even capable of stringing two words together and secondly, he's done all his moaning in various interviews such as this in which the exact same things are forever talked about...
  2. DeadQueen

    Pete & Carl to record Beatles cover

    Here is a recording of it. It was better than I'd feared. Carl, especially, does a great job :)
  3. DeadQueen

    No I've never had a job, because I'm too shy

    I totally understand you. I'm going through a similar thing. I think that going for something that you actually have an interest in or have a lot of the qualities for helps as if you feel like you 'deserve' and 'want' the job you try harder subconsciously to sell yourself in a positive way to...
  4. DeadQueen

    MEN review of G-MEX gig

    Loved his response :D
  5. DeadQueen

    Moz in Irish Tabloids today?

    Loved it when Moz was talking about Daniel O'Donnell at the GMex. He's long been a figure of fun and mistrust in my house with his slimy, cheesefest songs and image.
  6. DeadQueen

    Mikey and his trumpet!

    I liked the trumpet work :D It works well in the live environment, I think.
  7. DeadQueen

    G-Mex tickets for sale

    I'd like to buy one ticket if you've any left. I've sent you a pm. Thanks
  8. DeadQueen

    jamie oliver comments

    Thanks for the clip. I love that Morrissey says these things. I don't like Jamie Oliver but Hugh-Fearnley Whatsit has to currently be the most despicable person on tv, he really is an evil man.
  9. DeadQueen

    Moz on Russell Brand - Review

    You forgot to mention that he was looking jolly dapper indeed.
  10. DeadQueen

    Just got back from Russell Brand Show!

    Moz looked lovely, the hug he gave was so sweet. Was good to see Brand speechless for once!
  11. DeadQueen

    christian dior lyrics

    "And drawn to what scares me And scared of what bores me Years alone will never be returned" I really like these lines and it's also my favourite part of the song.
  12. DeadQueen


    The new single's pretty good. I loved the first album, hope they keep it up.
  13. DeadQueen

    Dirty Pretty Things

    I love Dirty Pretty Things. They are excellent live and always have time for those who go to support them.
  14. DeadQueen

    Favourite song on Pulp's "Different Class"?

    Brilliant album. I've gone for Live Bed Show as my favourite, but I Spy, Sorted for E's and Whizz and Bar Italia are all up there too :D
  15. DeadQueen

    robots in disguise

    Never thought I'd see Robots in Disguise on a Morrissey site! Good work :D Oh, and don't miss the 'Hatful of Hollow' namecheck on 'Turn It Up'. La Nuit is a great song too but it's not on this version of the album.
  16. DeadQueen


    The Dirty Pretty Things song is excellent. I don't think this will be what you heard because that is on their album but not a single and it sounds nothing at all like LOTIP by Moz.
  17. DeadQueen

    Morrissey slash fiction

    Oh yes, that line jumped out at me too (having just read it for the first time). :D There was the discussion about 'You Have Killed Me' a few days ago wasn't there where someone put forward the theory of Rome rent-boys being the meaning behind the song? I don't go with that idea, personally...
  18. DeadQueen

    Morrissey slash fiction

    That is HOT! :D :D :D
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