1. SuedeMoz

    Article: He was Meant to Be Bigger than Bowie (Jobriath)

    Link: "He was Meant to Be Bigger than Bowie" By Francky Knapp Some info I didn't know and a very brief Morrissey mention...
  2. leatherelbows

    New Mike Farrell project

    New cabaret-tinged album, OWL SONGS. A collaboration from Mike Farrell and indie artist, Jilann. She recorded a previous "live" studio session project (Not Alone) with Mike Garson (of Bowie fame). I met Farrell and Jilann both backstage during Ringleaders tour, when they were working on a...
  3. The Sense Of Doubt

    Morrissey: Musical Influences Print - 20% off

    Hello everybody, Just reaching out to let you know that we are running a Black Friday sale this weekend and our Morrissey print featuring his musical influences, favourite songs, LPs and more is 20% off. Morrissey - Musical Influences [Full Edition] Morrissey - Musical Influences [Compact...
  4. Gaetano

    Morrissey/Bowie Cosmic Dancer?

    Does anyone know where I can download the full video footage of the David Bowie and Morrisey performance of "Cosmic Dancer"? I know it exists somewhere since some of it was included in "The Importance of Being Morrissey" documentary. Thanks! :)
  5. joe frady

    Morrissey on Bowie: "fanatically homosexual" in The Times

    There's a delicious double page cover spread on David Bowie and the 'StationToStation' Redux in todays 'Times' Playlist suppplement. As well as a Cameron Crowe piece wriiten for the liner notes, there are several commendations from famous fans, among them Morrissey ~ " Morrissey on Bowie’s...
  6. U

    Another Bowie request - remixes

    Can anyone upload any of these? After some thorough research, I have been (painstakingly) compiling the complete Bowie discography over the past few weeks, and I've turned up some absolutely incredible material - around 1,000 songs (official releases or BBC material only, mind)... But the...
  7. SparkleBoy

    New York Dolls - Max's Kansas City - 4 July 1976 - w/ Mick Ronson!

    Thanks to NUZZ! I just posted this on The Dolls (or The Dollettes, the post-Johnny Thunders/Jerry Nolan Dave & Syl band) Venue: Max's Kansas City, NYC Date: July 4, 1976 Lineage: mp3 > convert to .aif (Switch) > track splits...
  8. The Seeker of Good Songs

    David Bowie - Live Santa Monica '71

    In 1972, Bowie set out on his first US tour; for almost 4 decades this historic recording has only been occasionally available as a bootleg and features a setlist compiled primarily from the Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust albums plus cover versions of My Death and Waiting for the Man...
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